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Final Fantasy Tactics: First look

The much anticipated Final Fantasy Tactics has finally hit the App Store. Retailing at a somewhat steep US$15.99, Square Enix brings The War of the Lions to the iPhone. An iPad version is due for release this Fall. I haven't had as much time to spend playing this as I might like, so this write-...

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Final Fantasy Tactics released for iPhone at last

It's been over a year since Square Enix announced it was porting Final Fantasy Tactics to the iPhone. Following a series of delays (that Square Enix tried to say weren't really delays), the app has finally been released for the iPhone. Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favorite video games o...

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Final Fantasy Tactics supposedly coming to iOS this summer

It's been nearly a year since Square Enix announced at E3 that it would port the venerable Final Fantasy Tactics to iOS. The original release date was supposedly September 15 last year, but Square Enix later backtracked on that and claimed "the wrong information about the FFT release date is sp...

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Final Fantasy I and II on sale, ESPN app free, Real Racing on sale this weekend

Here's some good news about a few popular apps on the App Store: Square Enix has dropped the price on retro titles Final Fantasy I and II. The games were originally released at US$8.99, but to celebrate more widespread localization, the apps have dropped down to $3.99. Great games, nice price. ...

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Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone delayed, Square Enix offers no explanation

In late June at E3, Square Enix tantalized fans of Final Fantasy Tactics by revealing that the game would be brought to the iPhone. The company even announced a release date for the game: September 15th. But September 15th has come and gone now without a release for this highly-anticipated title,...

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Chaos Rings comes to iPad - all Square Enix games on sale

Released back in April, Chaos Rings for the iPhone became a runaway hit and a top seller soon after its debut on the App Store. Reviewers praised the title from Square Enix, and many of them felt that the US$12.99 iPhone title could easily have been a successful game on the Nintendo DS or Sony's PSP...

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Final Fantasy I and II coming to iPhone and iPod touch

Just announced at Square Enix's Facebook page: Final Fantasy I and II are coming to an App Store near you. The nearly 20-year-old games have been remastered and re-released a number of times, with versions appearing for just about every platform invented thus far, so it was only a matter of time be...

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