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Apple announces Q1 2013 financial results

Apple has announced its Q1 2013 earnings. For the quarter that ended on December 31, 2012, the news is outstanding, with a record revenue of more than $54 billion and sales of more than 75 million iOS devices. In all, 47.8 million iPhones were sold in the quarter, as well as 22.9 million iPads a...

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Join us for a TUAW liveblog of the Apple Q1 2013 earnings call

This afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer will host Apple's Q1 2013 earnings call to discuss the company's financial fortunes for the quarter ending December 31, 2012. As always, TUAW is hosting a liveblog of the event, during which we'll be providing commentary on the actual re...

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Gartner contradicts IDC, says Mac shipments up in Q4 2012

Last week, IDC estimated that Apple's sales of Macs in the holiday quarter of 2012 were down 0.2 percent year over year. Today, Gartner released contradictory numbers showing an actual growth rate of 5.4 percent from the previous year. The entire PC market showed a slump in sales from 2011, w...

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Apple taps Xerox's Luca Maestri as new corporate controller

Apple's adding a big name to the executive suites in March. Xerox Executive Vice President and CFO Luca Maestri has been named as the new corporate controller of Apple. Maestri will continue to work at Xerox through February 28 to "help manage the financial leadership transition." Maestri has b...

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Apple Q1 2013 earnings call scheduled for January 23

Following what appears to have been a busy holiday season for Apple, the company announced this morning that the the Q1 FY13 (first quarter, fiscal year 2013) earnings call is scheduled for January 23, 2013. The Wednesday call will occur at 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT, after the close of the US stock m...

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Eddy Cue sells $8.76M in AAPL stock

Bob Mansfield recently sold 35,000 shares of Apple stock and now it is Eddy Cue's turn to cash in some of his holdings. According to a filling with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Cue sold off 15,000 shares of Apple stock for approximately US$584 per share. He walked away with $8.76 mi...

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Bob Mansfield sells over $20 Million in AAPL stock

Apple Senior Vice President of Technologies Bob Mansfield sold 35,000 shares of Apple stock at a price of $582, netting him a cool $20 million. This financial transaction was detailed in a SEC filing spotted by MacRumors. Earlier this year, Mansfield sold another chunk of Apple stock for $12....

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Seeking Alpha: Apple could make $4 billion a year from Android sales

Apple's cross-licensing deal with HTC seems like a good idea just from the viewpoint that it keeps the two companies out of the courtroom for a decade. Now J.M. Manness, writing for Seeking Alpha, points out that the deal and others like it could be a complete windfall for Apple. The company coul...

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ABC's Nightline looks at AAPL

After a botched Maps launch and limited supplies of its flagship iPhone 5, Apple's stock has sunk to a five-month low, and the company has lost almost US$130B in market value since September. A piece on ABC's Nightline profiles this drop in Apple's stock and offers its take on why AAPL is not a...

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Liveblog of Apple 4Q 2012 earnings call

Today's the day for Apple's fourth-quarter 2012 earnings call. We'll be liveblogging the event, providing commentary on the event as it occurs. The fun starts at 5 PM ET sharp. Apple will be providing an audio stream of the earnings call, and the recording will be available for two weeks af...

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Apple's struggle to keep secret documents sealed

After winning big against Samsung in a US court, Apple is now on the defensive, battling against the same court to keep its financial information secret, says a report in Ars Technica. On Tuesday, the company faced a setback in this battle when US Judge Lucy Koh refused to seal documents that c...

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Apple acquires HTML5 design shop Particle

According to a report in CNET, Apple has quietly acquired Particle, a consulting company that specializes in web and HTML 5-based marketing projects. The company has worked with high-profile companies like Google, Motorola, Amazon, Yahoo and even Apple. It's also known for its celebrity backer,...

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iPhone app and debit card from Simple aim to streamline consumer finance

Considering the amount of time your wallet and your iPhone spend sitting right next to each other, is it any wonder that banks and payment services are making iOS job #1 for their mobile strategies? Big banks like Citi and Chase have capable iPhone apps for handling your money on the go, with...

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Apple gets paid for products faster than it has to pay for manufacturing

Here's yet another sign of what a great position Apple has put itself in in terms of manufacturing: According to the Wall Street Journal [paywall], the company gets paid by its customers much faster than it is required to pay its suppliers. The difference between the inflow of sales and the out...

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Goldman Sachs lists Apple at the top for hedge funds holdings

Apple stock is attractive to a wide variety of investors, including those who put their money in hedge funds. According to a Market Folly report, Goldman Sachs released its Q1 2012 Hedge Fund Trend Monitor report and placed Apple's stock at the top of its list. Apple appears on 106 funds th...

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