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iOS 7 bug lets you turn off Find My iPhone without authorization

Find My iPhone is often the best tool for finding a stolen device, especially since the phone prompts a user for their password before allowing the feature to be turned off. But now, a bug found in iOS 7.0.4 by Bradley Williams seems to allow anyone with the phone in their possession to bypass...

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4 ways to find your lost iPhone (and keep it from getting lost again)

2014 is just waking up and its house is trashed. There are champagne stains on the carpet, and its iPhone is nowhere to be found. Yikes. If you've followed in the New Year's footsteps and similarly misplaced your pricey pocket computer, there are a few things you can do to find it and prevent an...

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Stolen iPhone cuts assault spree short, helps nab suspects

A group of three teen boys attacked a 30-year-old Winnipeg man and by the next day the three were placed in cuffs, thanks in large part to the fact that the suspects decided to steal the victim's iPhone during the assault. As CBC reports, after assaulting the first victim and snatching his Apple...

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Find My iPhone, Podcasts, Movie Trailers apps all updated

And the march of Apple software updates keeps on coming. Apple has just issued new releases of the Find My iPhone, Podcasts and Movie Trailers iOS apps. Here's what's new in each one: Podcasts What's New in Version 2.0 Podcasts 2 introduces a stunning, all-new design for iOS 7 and adds useful...

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iOS 7 iBeacons: An unsung feature with immense promise

While the world is getting up to speed on iOS 7's more visible features like Control Center and the dazzling parallax effects, there's one feature that hasn't gotten a lot of attention -- iBeacons. TidBITS author Michael Cohen wrote a great piece this week that talks about the feature and what it...

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How to use multiple Apple IDs in iOS 7

If you have been used to using different Apple IDs for different apps in iOS 6, you can still do that in iOS 7, but some of the details have changed. One of the first complaints that came in was about Find My iPhone, with several people writing in worried that Apple had done away with the ability...

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Stolen car with child inside tracked and found by Find My iPhone

By now we've heard several stories about how Find My iPhone has allowed someone to recover a stolen iPhone, iPad or Mac. Today, that story gets a new twist because the app was instrumental in helping police track down a stolen car with a 5-year-old child inside. As reported by ABC, a father's SUV...

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Apple sued over Find my iPhone

Well this is certainly a fitting story given a recent report that Apple remains the top target for patent trolls. GigaOM is reporting that a nonpracticing entity based out of Texas is suing Apple, alleging that services such as Find my Friends and Find my iPhone infringe upon their patents. The...

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Daily Update for August 22, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires...

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Find My iPhone app updated, doesn't work for non-devs (Updated)

Apple today released updates to the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps. While Find My iPhone 2.0.3 features a slightly new (and iOS 7-like) design, there's also one small issue -- users are reporting that the update doesn't provide the desired functionality (locating lost Apple devices)...

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Parenting Tip: Using Find My iPhone to locate a misplaced iOS device

We've read countless stories about Find My iPhone and how it has helped police recover a stolen iOS device. The service is great for this type of field work, but did you know that Find My iPhone can help you find an iOS device that's been misplaced around your house? If you are a parent of little...

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Recent Apple thefts include high-speed NYC chase, Colorado storefront smash-and-grab

Apple devices keep their value, which makes them an attractive target for thieves. Two recent stories highlight how both individuals and Apple stores are vulnerable to theft. One report involves a movie-like high-speed chase, while the other one features a well-timed smash-and-grab heist. The New...

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Find My iPhone updated with driving directions

Apple has released an update to the Find My iPhone app that allows users to track their lost or stolen iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac. The 2.0.1 update adds some UI tweaks to the button layout. Now the Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase buttons appear separately from the map view. A bigger...

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Find My iPhone leads L.A. cops to cache of stolen goods

It's another case closed for Find My iPhone. Hollywood police, along with the owner of a stolen iPhone, used the free app to track down the device and ended up nabbing four robbers in the process. CBS Los Angeles reports that an LAPD helicopter helped officers locate the thieves in a parked...

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Compromised iCloud password leads to nightmare (updated)

Updated. Former Gizmodo writer & current Wired Gadget Lab staffer Mat Honan is having a pretty bad day. As you can read on his Tumblr post (not to mention elsewhere), hackers compromised his iCloud account. They used that access to reset his iCloud password, reset his Gmail password, gain...

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