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Apple: Celebrity photo breach not due to iCloud or Find my iPhone issues

Apple has just released a press statement updating its investigation into the weekend breach of celebrity photos. As noted in the press release, the company says that none of the cases investigated were the result of any breach of Apple's systems including iCloud and Find my iPhone. Apple believes...

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A "Find my iPhone" story out of Scotland ends in an iPhone thief's death

The typical "Find my iPhone" story tends to have a heartwarming aspect to it; someone has their iPhone stolen, whereupon they use "Find my iPhone" to track down the thief and reclaim ownership of what is rightfully theirs. And just this week, we happened to cover a story detailing how the feature ...

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YouTube Find: How Find My iPhone saved an injured hiker's life

You often hear how Find My iPhone helps locate a stolen to lost handset, but a recent story from Washington's KIRO 7 TV reveals how the service can save someone's life. In this case, the app was the key factor that helped locate of a lost and injured hiker who was hiking at the popular Alpental su...

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Apple adds "Send Last Location" feature to "Find My iPhone"

With each new iOS release, Apple has iteratively lessened the frustration typically associated with losing or misplacing one's iPhone or iPad. First there was the introduction of "Find My iPhone" in 2010. This was enhanced by the launch of "Activation Lock" in iOS 7. And of course, the introductio...

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Russian authorities arrest hackers involved in Australian ransomware attacks

The individuals behind the recent ransomware attack on iOS users in Australia were recently apprehended in Russia, according to a report published today in The Sydney Morning Herald. Two perpetrators were found to be involved in the attack, one aged 17 and the other aged 23. About two weeks ago, ...

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The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for May 28, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of ...

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Ransomware worries? Turn off Find My Mac/Find My iPhone

Note: Here's how to enable 2-step authentication for your Apple ID. It's been a rough day Down Under; several iOS and Mac users have found their devices held "ransom" by a hacker leveraging Apple's Find My iPhone and Find My Mac services. Australia's The Age reports information acquired by recent...

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iOS and Mac users in Australia locked out of their devices via "Find my iPhone" ransomware

Some iOS and Mac users in Australia this morning woke up to a concerning message indicating that their devices had been remotely locked by a hacker demanding upwards of AU$100 to unlock them. Originally reported by The Age, affected users ("dozens" reported issues on social media or Apple's discu...

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Please don't attempt to hunt down your stolen iPhone on your own

The story of a California woman hunting down an iPhone thief has been getting a lot of attention recently. Sarah Maguire of West Hollywood awoke after a night on the town to find both her own iPhone, and her roommates', were nowhere to be found. She booted up Find My iPhone, went to the address an...

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iOS 7 bug lets you turn off Find My iPhone without authorization

Find My iPhone is often the best tool for finding a stolen device, especially since the phone prompts a user for their password before allowing the feature to be turned off. But now, a bug found in iOS 7.0.4 by Bradley Williams seems to allow anyone with the phone in their possession to bypass iCl...

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4 ways to find your lost iPhone (and keep it from getting lost again)

2014 is just waking up and its house is trashed. There are champagne stains on the carpet, and its iPhone is nowhere to be found. Yikes. If you've followed in the New Year's footsteps and similarly misplaced your pricey pocket computer, there are a few things you can do to find it and prevent an u...

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Stolen iPhone cuts assault spree short, helps nab suspects

A group of three teen boys attacked a 30-year-old Winnipeg man and by the next day the three were placed in cuffs, thanks in large part to the fact that the suspects decided to steal the victim's iPhone during the assault. As CBC reports, after assaulting the first victim and snatching his Apple s...

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Find My iPhone, Podcasts, Movie Trailers apps all updated

And the march of Apple software updates keeps on coming. Apple has just issued new releases of the Find My iPhone, Podcasts and Movie Trailers iOS apps. Here's what's new in each one: Podcasts What's New in Version 2.0 Podcasts 2 introduces a stunning, all-new design for iOS 7 and adds useful fe...

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iOS 7 iBeacons: An unsung feature with immense promise

While the world is getting up to speed on iOS 7's more visible features like Control Center and the dazzling parallax effects, there's one feature that hasn't gotten a lot of attention -- iBeacons. TidBITS author Michael Cohen wrote a great piece this week that talks about the feature and what it ...

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How to use multiple Apple IDs in iOS 7

If you have been used to using different Apple IDs for different apps in iOS 6, you can still do that in iOS 7, but some of the details have changed. One of the first complaints that came in was about Find My iPhone, with several people writing in worried that Apple had done away with the ability...

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