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Why did Apple's Touch ID elicit paranoia while Samsung's Galaxy S5 flies under the radar?

When Apple first announced the Touch ID feature for the iPhone 5s, we were treated to a few weeks of misplaced paranoia that, if you didn't know any better, would have you believe that Apple was stockpiling user fingerprint data with the intention of selling them to the highest bidder. Despite a ...

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AuthenTec co-founder talks Touch ID, shows off early prototypes of fingerprint-authorization device

Without question, the flagship feature on Apple's iPhone 5s is Touch ID. Conveniently located beneath the home button, Apple's Touch ID is inconspicuous and provides a quick and seamless way for users to protect their device without having to enter in a passcode every five minutes. The technology...

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iOS 7 video tip: Associating Touch ID fingerprints with fingers

Today's iOS 7 video tip is for iPhone 5s owners who want to know more about Touch ID fingerprints. While the device simply stores fingerprints as "Fingerprint 1," "Fingerprint 2" and so on, you might want to know which finger corresponds to that title. We'll show you how, courtesy of the original ...

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Apple's "incremental approach" to innovation hides in plain sight

There's a great line from the exceptionally addicting television series Breaking Bad where drug kingpin Gus Fring explains why he humbly runs a fast food chicken restaurant and even donates to police related causes. "I hide in plain sight," he says. So too does Apple's innovation hide from the c...

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Comparing the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner and older technologies

Since Apple unveiled the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s a few days ago, the internet has been awash in, frankly, horrible reporting about its ability and consequences. One thing repeated over and over again is that fingerprint readers are buggy, prone to breaking after 500 scans...

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Touch ID is huge for businesses and employees, but for different reasons

Apple's newly revealed iPhone 5s sports a number of improvements over its predecessor, but if there's one feature that truly sets the device apart from other iPhones (if not from all previous smartphones), it's Touch ID. The Touch ID sensor built into the home button of the 5s can read your finger...

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iOS 7 beta 4 hints at upcoming iPhone fingerprint sensor

Ever since Apple's purchase of biometric sensor company AuthenTec last year the rumor mill has been abuzz with predictions that a future iteration of the iPhone would employ built-in fingerprint authorization. Now, as 9to5Mac reports, Twitter user Hamza Sood has discovered a folder in the newly re...

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Apple granted patent for in-display fingerprint sensor

One of the most rumored features of the next iPhone is that it will have a fingerprint sensor in the device. This rumor gained more credence when Apple introduced iCloud Keychain in iOS 7, which lets users store credit card information and passwords in their iCloud account. Combined with iCloud Ke...

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Canon adds AirPrint to Pixma printers

Canon today announced 3 of its all-in-one Pixma printers will now support AirPrint from Apple. The printers are the MG8220, the MG6220 and the MG5320. Canon has posted a web page with more details. Some of the printers may require a firmware update to function properly. AirPrint is the wireless...

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AirPrint Hacktivator enables AirPrint for any printer

You've updated your iPad and iPhone to iOS 4.2, and you want to print something, ... anything, but that printer hooked up to your Mac doesn't show up in the list of available devices. What can you do to make your iOS user experience complete? As Mike noted in his AirPrint roundup last week, Netputin...

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Hands on: iPad printing with 4.2 and AirPrint, a limited menu

If AirPlay's first-generation limitations have disappointed a lot of would-be iPhone video mavens who had dreamed of quickly sharing their clips to the big screen, you can just imagine how irate everyone is about AirPrint. The universal shared printer solution for iPhone and iPad was kneecapped in l...

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AirPrint on steroids: first look at Printopia, bringing shared printer support for iPad

When Apple removed AirPrint shared printer support from Mac OS X 10.6.5, it created a functionality gap that developers moved quickly to fill. Yesterday, TUAW took a first look at FingerPrint, an AirPrint solution that enables iDevice printing to many Mac OS X shared printers. Today, we have an exc...

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Hands on: FingerPrint enables AirPrint for many non-compliant OS X printers

FingerPrint is a new Mac OS X application from Collobos Software that enables AirPrint printing for many OS X printers. AirPrint is Apple's new wireless printing technology for iOS devices. It works over Bonjour, Apple's version of zero configuration networking, allowing devices and services to com...

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CES Watch: More tales from the iLounge

Another day at CES 2010, another round of new iPhone, iPod, and Mac-related accessories. We're putting them all together in one post -- it's like you're on the show floor, without the terrible AT&T reception. iLive is introducing a whole slew of new speakers and micro speaker systems. Case...

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Secure your Mac: Eikon biometric security

TUAW has lately been trying to help you Secure Your Mac, and while a few options have been available, biometric security is one area in which the Mac has seemed to lag behind the Windows side. Now UPEK has released a preview of the Mac version of their Eikon Digital Privacy Manager. The software all...

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