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Verizon FiOS app now allows some TV viewing on the move

Verizon has released an update to its FiOS Mobile app, which now allows users of Verizon's My FiOS service to watch TV shows over cellular networks, instead of limiting them to WiFi viewing in their homes. As noted in the app's release notes for version 2.0: What's New in Version 2.0 Access to se...

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HBO GO app to bring Tony Soprano to your iOS device

Need an Entourage of Sopranos to entertain you while you manage a Boardwalk Empire with your Band of Brothers? Starting in May, HBO subscribers will be able to enjoy "instant and unlimited access to the best HBO has to offer" using an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Time Warner subsidiary HBO, ...

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Verizon refreshes FiOS app, launches free iPhone program

Verizon updated its FiOS DVR manager for the iPhone, an application that lets you use your handset as a remote control for your FiOS television service and its DVR. In a fun feature, FiOS users with a penchant for taking photos with their iPhone can also easily flick their photos and watch them on ...

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FiOS TV coming to Mac, iOS in 2011

FiOS TV is coming to a Mac/iOS device near you. Sometime. In the future. We're not sure when. From the More of the Same Department comes a tease from Verizon's director of consumer product development, Joe Ambeault. In a brief video (after the break; apologies for Flash), Joe notes that his compa...

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Verizon's FiOS Mobile Remote app ready for iPhone

Verizon has had their FiOS DVR Manager app available for some time. Now, the company has released another offering to the App Store in the way of a wireless remote. Using the Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote requires you to be connected to your FiOS-provided wireless network in order for it to work. On...

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Home security on your iPhone

We all know how the iPhone can secure itself, but you can get it to secure your entire house as well. A while back, I briefly toyed with the idea of going without a landline. It's an alluring prospect, and strikes me as satisfyingly post-modern. But one thing held me back: my home security system...

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Stream iPhoto and iTunes to a FiOS DVR

Just last week, Verizon released Media Manager for the Mac. While many customers are saying it's less powerful than its Windows-based counterpart, it received significant changes this week. Namely, users can now stream content from their iPhoto and iTunes libraries to a FiOS DVR (something TiVo did ...

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