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EA buys Firemint, makers of Flight Control and Real Racing

Here's yet another big iOS developer picked up by a traditional gaming giant: EA has acquired Firemint, the maker of iOS hits Flight Control and the Real Racing series. This is a pretty big purchase, but not a big surprise; Firemint has done work for EA in the past, including a few ports of pop...

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Real Racing 2 HD to support 1080p video out

Newer models of the iOS device line have offered excellent-quality video out for some time using Apple's VGA connector cable. Now, Apple's 30-pin to HDMI adapter pushes quality even further. Today, FireMint Games announced its updated Real Racing 2 HD will support full 1080p output with (breath...

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Lots of iPad games go on sale this weekend, likely more to come

iOS developers have realized that there will probably be a whole lot of iPad 2 apps sold this weekend (since there will be so many new iPad 2s wandering around), so they've dropped prices on quite a few iPhone apps. AppAdvice has a good list up -- EA's apps are in there, including Mirror's Edge...

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GDC 2011: Firemint's Agent Squeek

Australia's Firemint is perhaps one of the most popular developers on the iPhone. Firemint's games, Flight Control, Real Racing and Real Racing 2, can be found in any Apple Store, and likely on most iPhones, too. The company's founder, Rob Murry, and his new acquisition, Infinite Interactive'...

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Firemint announces Real Racing 2 HD, enhanced graphics for iPad 2

Expect to see a rash of new and/or improved games for the shiny new iPad 2 in the near future. One of the first publishers out of the gate is Firemint, announcing enhanced graphics for Real Racing 2 HD. Firemint says that although it had no detailed advance knowledge of exactly what iPad 2 wo...

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Real Racing 2, Grand Theft Auto, others on sale this weekend

A whole slew of apps are going on sale this weekend, including Firemint's Real Racing 2 (which has dropped down to half price at US$4.99) and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (also $4.99, down by the same discount). Adult Swim's hilarious little Robot Unicorn Attack running game is only 99 cents, o...

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Firemint sells 3 million copies of Flight Control

Firemint has shared some sales figures about Flight Control over on its blog. The now classic line-drawing game was recently listed in the top paid apps of all time on the App Store, and so Firemint decided to reveal a little bit about how many copies it's sold and when. The grand total is exactly ...

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Interview: Firemint's Rob Murry and Steve Faulkner of Infinite Interactive

Firemint and Infinite Interactive surprised us all the other day with the news that the one company was buying the other, but Firemint's Rob Murray and Infinite's Steve Fawkner weren't surprised themselves. "We've actually been talking about this for years, going back to 2006," Murray told TUAW tod...

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iPhone developer Firemint buys Infinite Interactive, makers of Puzzle Quest

Wow. Color me surprised on this one -- I've been joking around lately about iPhone company acquisitions and buyouts, but here are two companies that never occurred to me. Firemint, creators of the popular Flight Control and Real Racing 2 games on iOS, has outright purchased Infinite Interactive, th...

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Firemint releases free, ad-supported Flight Control to App Store

Firemint confirmed today that it is launching a free, ad-supported version of its popular Flight Control game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app has received the rubber stamp of approval from Apple and should appear on the App Store in the upcoming days. The free version has the same gamepl...

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Real Racing 2 coming to iOS December 16th

After a few weeks of teasing and hints, Firemint has finally revealed all about its upcoming Real Racing 2 game for iOS, and it looks extremely impressive. The first game in the series is still one of the most popular and well done racing games in the App Store, and Firemint is upping the ante high...

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Review: Flight Control HD for Mac

Firemint's Flight Control has long been one of my favorite iPhone games; it was one of the first apps I bought. When I first heard the game was being ported to the Mac, I wondered how well the game's control scheme would work. Flight Control's gameplay seemed tailor-made for the touchscreens on the ...

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Firemint's Flight Control HD coming to Mac App Store

The dust hasn't even settled in the wake of Apple's announcement of the Mac App Store, but one well-known developer is already on board. Firemint, creator of Flight Control for the iPhone/iPod touch and Flight Control HD for the iPad, has announced it will bring Flight Control HD to the Mac via the...

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Final Fantasy I and II on sale, ESPN app free, Real Racing on sale this weekend

Here's some good news about a few popular apps on the App Store: Square Enix has dropped the price on retro titles Final Fantasy I and II. The games were originally released at US$8.99, but to celebrate more widespread localization, the apps have dropped down to $3.99. Great games, nice price. ...

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Flight Control coming to PS3 on September 15

There have been a lot of console adaptations brought to the iPhone, but sending games the other way hasn't been as common. Firemint is changing that, however -- they've announced that they'll be bringing iPhone superhit Flight Control to the PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title, and the game will ...

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