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Tag: firewire

Belkin's Thunderbolt dock delivers plug-and-play flexibility

It's dock o'clock, thank goodness, as Belkin's long incubation period of the Thunderbolt Express Dock closed out last month. The US$299 expansion peripheral is now shipping to customers; is it worth your attention? We've had a week to put it through its paces. The most direct product comparison f...

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Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter now definitely available

It appeared and disappeared a few times over the first day of supposed availability, but now it seems to have arrived for good: the Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 adapter originally announced with the most recent laptop refresh is now on sale. The adapter works with all Thunderbolt-equipped Macs an...

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Thunderbolt to Firewire cable appears, disappears on Apple Store

The long-awaited Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter made its debut on Apple's online store this morning, but the product page appears to be appearing and disappearing at will. I wasn't able to see the cable listing, but Erica Sadun and Dave Caolo did; as of 11am ET, it appears to be down again. As...

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Newer Technology Guardian MAXimus mini portable RAID solution

Newer Technology produces a wide variety of storage solutions for the Mac OS X world, and one new product is sure to be popular with anyone who needs the security of RAID storage in a portable package. The Guardian MAXimus mini is a rugged pint-sized RAID box using a pair of 2.5" SATA hard disk...

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Western Digital introduces My Passport Studio 2TB portable drive with FireWire 800 ports

Western Digital unveiled a new 2 TB external hard drive for Mac users this week. The My Passport Studio is formatted for the Mac and compatible with Time Machine so you can back up your data and go. The new drive also has an all-metal casing that'll complement the aluminum unibody design of the...

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Thunderbolt: Apple and Intel's new interconnect

It's been a while getting here -- Intel first demoed Light Peak at IDF in September 2009 -- but the first production laptops featuring the new, rebranded Thunderbolt interface are about to ship, in the form of shiny new MacBook Pros. Thunderbolt's raw speed (10 Gbps) and purported simplicity wi...

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New MacBook Pro could arrive in April 2011 with SSD, Light Peak, no DVD

Update Put your checkbooks away, folks. Electronista has all but debunked this rumor. By crunching the numbers, they confirmed that (at today's prices at least), such a MacBook Pro could easily be priced out of the market. Read on and dream, but don't expect this machine to appear on your desk an...

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OWC offers DIY kits for Mac minis, laptops

Other World Computing (best known on the net as OWC) has released more than 50 storage upgrade kits for laptops and the Mac mini. The kits start at $65.99 and include everything for do-it-yourself replacements including: A new drive ranging from 250GB to 1TB. An enclosure for your old drive...

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Ask TUAW: Clocks, screen guards, MacBook hard drive replacement, NFS automount, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we have questions about replacing a MacBook hard drive, refreshing a NFS mount, getting a simple clock on screen, improving iCal's note handling, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welcome. Leave you...

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New unibody MacBook loses two ports

The new polycarbonate MacBook released today has gained some tantalizing new features, but in the process of redesigning the case to accept the new integrated battery, it's also lost two ports. Just like the unibody aluminum MacBooks released last year, the latest version of the plastic MacBook h...

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Using FireWire to help speed up the iTunes Home Sharing process

One of the new features of iTunes 9 is Home Sharing. The feature allows you to manually browse, import, and automatically add iTunes content from up to five authorized computers in your house. While Home Sharing is certainly a welcome feature, it's so slow that you may not live long enough to see al...

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TUAW's review of the DroboPro, plus a discount deal for readers

Data Robotics delivered their "super-sized" version of the Drobo earlier this year. DroboPro has 8 drive bays into which you can drop 3.5" SATA drives of almost any capacity, from the old 160 GB model you've been using to hold the backup of your iTunes library to that 2 TB Western Digital Caviar d...

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A weekend with FireWire

My MacBook Pro and I had a bit of a rendezvous this past weekend. She's a 15 inch Core Duo with 2GB of RAM. Although she'll occasionally get as hot as a toaster oven (leaving red marks on my lap at times) and mooed like a cow when we first met, she's been a consistent workhorse for me. But her hard ...

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TUAW Tip: Swap out your laptop's hard disk for a spiffy new SSD

If you're looking for a significant performance boost for your middle-aged laptop, replacing your aging hard disk with a solid state disk (SSD) could give your computer a new lease on life. Solid-state disks (pictured, bottom) differ from traditional hard disks (top) in that they're not constructed...

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Goodbye, FireWire 400

As Macworld notes, this is it for the ol' Firewire 400. With the introduction of the new Mac mini the other day and the refresh of the Mac Pro and iMac lines, the old version of Firewire is left only on the white MacBook. It's evolution at its finest, and our good friend Nilay Patel over at Engadge...

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