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Sonnet FireWire dongle gives your MacBook Pro the gift of FW400

When Steve Jobs announced the new MacBook Pros, Apple received a lot of criticism for excluding a FireWire 400 port, despite the addition of FireWire 800. While most people were sitting around and griping, one company actually did something to reconcile the situation. Sonnet has created a dongle th...

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Migration DVD and CD Sharing update available

Apple has released Migration and DVD/CD Sharing Update 1.1. While Software Update states that the update is recommended for all users, the support page lists the MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) and MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) as the affected machines. According to Apple, this update ".....

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FireWire feedback from readers and Apple

Yesterday's discussion post about the exclusion of FireWire from the newest MacBooks generated a tremendous amount of reader feedback and discussion. We decided to take an unscientific straw Twitter poll which generated a large response, underscoring that for the Mac community, FireWire is a big...

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Farewell FireWire?

During the meta-liveblog yesterday, I was in full-out Apple fangirl mode. I won't lie; after the MacBook specs and design were revealed, I was already contemplating putting my current BlackBook (that I bought in August '07) on eBay or Craig's List, hoping that the RAM and hard drive upgrades and al...

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Western Digital My Passport Studio Portable Drives for Mac

Are you looking for a tiny portable hard drive for doing Time Machine backups on the road? I do a lot of traveling with my MacBook Air and don't often get a chance to back it up to the 1 TB monster at home. Although there are several other diminutive hard drives on the market, when I saw the My Pass...

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A FireWire story

Once upon a time the Mac vs. PC debate found a kind of synecdoche in the FireWire vs. USB debate. FireWire had been invented by Apple way back in 1986 essentially to replace SCSI. USB 1.0 arrived on the scene in 1995 from Intel, Microsoft, and a few others. Somewhat ironically, however, it was the o...

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Migrating to a new Mac - say hello to a Mac Switcher

Well, what better way to introduce myself but to sing the praises of the almighty Mac! I'm Jason Clarke, and I'm brand new to TUAW, although I've been writing over on sister-site Download Squad for a couple of years now. I was also briefly the lead blogger for The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog, until ...

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Ask TUAW: Windows Printing, AutoFill, FireWire HDs, MacBook power adapters and more

It's time again for Ask TUAW, our weekly feature where you ask the questions and we make up the answers... er, I mean carefully research and determine the optimal solution. This week we'll be tackling questions about printing from OS X to a printer connected to a Windows box, AutoFill in Safari, pro...

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Substitute for pricey iSight: the StealthFire

As David just posted, the iSight is enjoying a dramatic aftermarket boost, with specimens going for 2x original retail (or more) on eBay. Despite the obvious profit potential -- I have mine sitting in a drawer at home somewhere -- this strikes me as a bit weird, since there are plenty of affordable ...

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Command line target mode

You really do learn something new every day. Today, it was that EFI Macs can be set from the command line to boot into FireWire target mode on their next reboot (Open Firmware macs can do it, too, but it's more complicated). Nifty. Why would you want to do this? A couple of reasons. One, if you, li...

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Migrating to a MacBook Pro

Enterprise Mac's Tom Yager posted about his recent transition from a PowerBook to a MacBook Pro using Tiger's integrated Setup Assistant. Using Setup Assistant one can easily transfer old data, settings, applications and more to a new Mac over firewire. His migration took a little under two hours t...

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Ministack V2 available

NewerTechnology's Ministack V2 is now shipping. This is the second iteration of their Mac mini complement Firewire/USB hub and external drive. You can get from from 80 ($135.99) to 500 gig ($449.99) configurations or for $80 you can add your own hard drive. The best part is that this unit has a Fire...

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Clearing up specifics on the MacBook Pro

Laurie A. Duncan is feeding us a few more details from the Macworld floor on the new MacBook Pros that I thought were quite interesting: Macbook has one FW 400 port, no FW 800. I guess that ZDNet post was at least on to something no pcmcia slot - new ExpressCard/34 slot, whatever that is H...

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LaCie Rugged: Successor to the Pocket Drive?

First and foremost: I love LaCie Drives. From the bad boys we use at work to the beige, external SCSI boxes I have connected to my ancient Macs, they just run and run. For the longest time, my favorite general use LaCie external has been the recently discontinued Pocket Drive. It was very small, cam...

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Iomega MiniMax

File this under, 'Iomega is still in business?' They have recently released the Iomega MiniMax which is a USB 2.0/Firewire hard drive that comes in either 160 (which goes for $200) or 250 gig (for $250) models. The drives are meant as companions to your Mac mini, just rest the mini on top and you'r...

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