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Apple TV update available, but for what reason?

Yes, Apple TV has an available firmware update, bringing the Apple 'hobby' device to version 3.02. No reason for the update is given, and no new features are listed. It's likely an update to allow Aperture 3 to work with it, but really, we don't know and Apple ain't talking. If you have an Apple ...

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Apple releases firmware update addressing 27" iMac screen issues

We hope this will provide holiday relief for many iMac owners: Apple just released a firmware update for the graphics chipsets in 27" iMac models, intended to fix display issues. Apple states this download Updates the graphics firmware on ATI Radeon HD 4670 and 4850 graphics cards to address issue...

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Apple releases updates improving printing, scanning, iSight cameras and QuickTime

Over the past few days, Apple has been releasing updates for printer and scanner drivers in Snow Leopard, iSight cameras in LED Cinema Displays and QuickTime 7 for Windows. First, Apple released printer driver updates for Snow Leopard for Lexmark printers and Brother, Canon and HP printers and sc...

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AppleTV gets a stealth update

Apple didn't just update Safari's beta yesterday. While no one was looking, the Apple TV was updated to version 2.3.1. We checked, and there was no update note published and no specific information on the Apple web site. The most recent software note is from November 19, 2008 and refers to the versi...

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MacBook Pro 17-inch SMC Firmware Update

Apple has just updated the firmware for the 17 inch MacBook Pros. This firmware update 'adjusts fan behavior' in Apple's hot new portable (that's a pun, folks. Thank you, thank you). Let's hope that the MacBooks will get a firmware update to address the Moo problem. Thanks to everyone who sent this ...

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MacBook Pro heating problems fixed?

When Apple released the SMC Firmware update for Intel Macs this past Tuesday, they were rather cryptic about just what it was supposed to do. One conspiracy theory proposed that it was intended to cripple clock speeds, but Information Week is reporting something quite different (and less insidious):...

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