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First look: Camera for iPad

No, it's not a hardware device, but Camera for iPad (US$0.99) can help out those frantic iPad users who are wondering how the heck they're going to survive without a by-God camera built into their latest Apple toy. The app is universal and runs on both iPad and iPhone. In fact, the camera in the ...

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iPad launch first look: Things for iPad

Cultured Code has released the iPad version of their classic iPhone task list app, Things. The new Things for iPad (US$19.99), as you can see in the video above, is absolutely gorgeous on the new Apple platform, and benefits greatly from the larger layout. I've personally downloaded the iPad vers...

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First Look: Accordéon for the iPad

Here, at TUAW, we are all about the cool, the awesome, and the amazing, as well as the surreal. Accordéon for the iPad, a new App Store application, falls solidly into the latter category. Alex Komarov was kind enough to send over this video, showing the $3.99 app in action, complete wi...

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First Look: Air Hockey for iPad

I started watching this video on YouTube and, within seconds, my son was almost magically drawn into my office, staring transfixed at the screen. "This is air hockey?" he asked. "Yes," I replied. "I want it," he said. "It looks fun." My enthusiasm is slightly more tempered, but I think that thi...

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First Look: Weather HD for iPad

VIMOV's Weather HD combines standard weather forecasting with video backdrops. Although I doubt the application comes with the new age music track, you can tell from this preview that it focuses on looks. I was a little surprised to see the floaty utility-style palette. You'd think that new we...

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Confirmed: The mythical "iProd" is the real-world iPad

Last summer, the Apple web was abuzz with the discovery of a mysterious "iProd" device in the iPhone's USB identifier list. Leaving aside the obvious jokes, and noting with some astonishment that Erica actually presaged the name back in 2006, we now can say for sure: the iProd was, in fact, the iP...

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First Look: Foto Brush Pro on iPad

One of the more popular genres of iPad app appearing close to launch time seems to be artistic or photography tools. The video above shows Foto Brush Pro from Bobby Software running on an iPad. The app has been available for iPhone and iPod touch under the name Photo Brush for quite some time, and ...

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First Look: Hurricane HD for iPad

Do you enjoy tracking storms? Ilene Jones, CEO of Kitty Code was kind enough to send over this preview of her Hurricane HD application, a bigger, updated version of the current iPhone version. It offers both Atlantic and Pacific storm tracking. You'll be able to check wind speed, direction and pre...

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First Look: CourseNotes for iPad

CourseNotesApp developer Jon Klein was kind enough to send over this video of his upcoming iPad app. Aimed at students, this app not only simplifies iPad note taking, but helps keep those notes organized by time and subject. I showed this video around to a student-heavy group and the video received...

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First look: Air Harp turns iPad into instrument of the muses

While there's no shortage of musical "instruments" for the iPhone, the relatively small size of its screen makes string instrument apps gaudy because you don't have the room to strum the strings appropriately. The iPad is going to change all that by allowing the app size needed to strum (virtua...

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First Look: Mag Canvas for iPad

Here's a video of a sweet little iPad application that was sent over by Ken Matsui of mkftr. It's for kids, based on those old magnet drawing toys. There's not much to it, but what there is looks simple and easy-to-use. This seems like the perfect type of application that works better on a bigge...

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First Look: Game Table for the iPad

Here's some screenshots for another upcoming iPad app called Game Table. The app brings Checkers, Chess, and various card games onto Apple's tablet with detailed graphics and an "intuitive" interface -- the developers claim it's like carrying full board games around with you, but without all the li...

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First Look: Sudoku Real Edition

According to its developers David Jones and Amy Burton, Sudoku Real Edition offers a game play experience that aims to be "as real as possible, almost as if you bought a Sudoku book and sat down at a table to play." As this sneak peek video shows, that goal is not too far off the mark. Priced a...

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First Look: Neon Wallpaper for iPad

Newly "Beta 5 approved" according to AppVision Product Director Mark Chamberlain, Neon Wallpaper for iPad lets you create backdrops for your new device. As this video shows, you can combine elements of pictures and text to build your own personalized wallpaper. This, like so many App Store offe...

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First Look: dPad drum sequencer for iPad

I'm not a big drums person. I have no rhythm. I wouldn't know a drum kit if I tripped over one. Overly complicated interfaces confuse and scare me. Nevertheless, I thought I'd bring you this sneak peek video from Stu Helm, who ex-TUAWian Dave Chartier tells me is renown for "Agile and Internati...

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