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Tag: fitness

Stay hydrated with the BluFit smart water bottle and app

Yes, you read that headline correctly. A startup is taking pre-orders for the BluFit water bottle (US$59) and you'll never need to guess how many ounces or liters of water you've sucked down during the day. This latest innovation in the world of connected fitness tools is currently grabbing...

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Shine fitness accessory lands at Apple Stores

The Misfit Shine -- a crowdfunded fitness tracker that became a hit on Indiegogo -- almost looks like a Cupertino product already. As Mashable reports, the sleek little gadget is about to hit the shelves of your local Apple Store, where it will undoubtedly fit right in. The device itself is a...

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Daily iPhone App: ControlMyWeight keeps you honest

CalorieKing is one of the oldest nutritional tools available online and the service bills itself as "America's trusted food database." If you're looking for the caloric content of a meal -- be it homemade or from a fast-food joint -- you'll likely find the answer on CalorieKing, and the website...

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Using Jawbone UP with MyFitnessPal to track your calories and workouts

MyFitnessPal is a fitness platform that is part calorie counter, part fitness goal tracker and part exercise journal. It compiles a wealth of information about your fitness program and makes it accessible on the web and your iOS device. With Jawbone's recent update, you can now share some of that...

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Nike adds friends, leader boards to FuelBand iOS app

Nike continues to improve the now 1-year-old Nike+ FuelBand by adding new features to its iOS app. The latest version ups your motivation by letting you compare your level of fitness with your friends. The new Nike+ Friends feature has a custom leader board that pulls in information from your...

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CES: BodyMedia introduces a new Core 2 fitness tracker, with some other interesting ideas

BodyMedia has become a regular stop on our annual CES tour -- the company introduced its first Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-connected fitness tracker a few years ago -- and since then, they told us this year here in Las Vegas, the smartphone versions of the tracker are outselling more...

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Fitbit introduces Flex wristband at CES 2013

Fitbit is one of the oldest names in fitness tracking these days, though given how new the industry actually is, the company's not really that old at all. But they have been around for a few years now, and this year at CES, the company introduced one more addition to its line of motion-based...

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Viiiiva heart rate monitor works with iOS and sport watches

When it comes to exercise, there are plenty of iOS apps that can do everything from tracking your running or biking speed to estimating calories burned, but when it comes to ensuring your workouts are worth it, no metric is more important than your heart rate. With that in mind, fitness tech...

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CES 2013: Fitbug launches the Orb, for tracking sleep and activity via iOS

Photo: Engadget Whatever you do, don't confuse the Fitbug with its similarly titled competitor, the Fitbit -- we accidentally did so at this week's CES Unveiled event, and the company's rep gave us a stern correction. In our defense, it's easy to mix the two up: They obviously sound similar,...

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Daily iPhone App: Obstacles XRT lets you dodge falling trees as part of your exercise routine

Are you looking for a new fitness routine that you can do at home or while traveling? Tired of the same boring treadmill or exercise bike? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, then you should download Obstacles XRT – Extreme Reality Training. Obstacles XRT is a guided...

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Daily iPhone App: Fitocracy uses community and game-like challenges to keep you active

Every year, people add exercise to the top of their list of New Year's resolutions. Most people kick off their fitness programs with a bang, but they slowly fizzle out after the novelty wears off. Up your odds of ending 2013 with a healthier you using Fitocracy, an iPhone app that turns your...

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Just in time for New Year's, RunKeeper upgraded to 3.0

Around New Year's Day, many of us desire to do something to make ourselves better. That means resolutions are written (that are usually broken within a few weeks) to eat better, drink less and exercise more. The best app for tracking exercise and sharing it with friends, RunKeeper (free), has...

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Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale: A first look and giveaway

From the brains at Wahoo Fitness, makers of a complete line of smartphone-enabled fitness devices, comes something new -- the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale (US$99.99). This scale was released today by Wahoo Fitness, and it's a new addition to the app-connected devices in the product...

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Lose It! announces a premium service

Lose It! is one of the most popular calorie-counting/weight loss apps on the App Store. It arrived back in the early days of iOS, but consistent updates and a big user base have kept it high up on the charts for a long time. And today, the app's developers, FitNow, have announced that they're...

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Withings Health Companion app: A new way to look at personal fitness

I'm a big fan of the Withings line of personal health devices -- over the years, I've purchased one of their Wi-Fi Body Scales and a Blood Pressure Monitor. The devices are great, and it's nice (and sometimes frustrating) to see how your health is doing over time. But the stats that were provided...

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