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Apple will address MacBook Pro hard drive issue

Last week we reported on a thread at Apple's Discussion Boards about an issue affecting some 15" MacBook Pros. Specifically, their hard drives seem to be spinning down and even parking themselves at inappropriate times, like in the middle of a task. It's understandably frustrating, as that would slo...

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The Pre in iPod's clothing

Palm has quite a checkered history when it comes to syncing your Pre with iTunes, going as far as to make the device report itself as an iPod, and leaving lingering speculation that Apple would block the device with future iTunes updates -- which is exactly what has happened. But many Pre owners wer...

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SIMBL plugin woes after 10.5.3?

Did you get home only to find that Mac OS X 10.5.3 had been released today? Well, just as some users were unpacking and installing the shiny new update, issues with SIMBL plug-ins were discovered. If you have SIMBL plugins installed, then you may have an error show up when you try to launch an app...

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Fixing "Complete My Album" track info mistakes

If you've recently completed an album in iTunes, you might find that the original track or tracks don't match the rest of the album in iTunes listing. The Track number and Album name may be off as I've circled here. Apple just posted a support doc showing you how to fix these mismatches by editing y...

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MySpace blames Apple and QuickTime for hacked accounts

A malicious QuickTime movie made the rounds across MySpace profiles last weekend, altering user profiles and changing links on their pages to redirect to phishing websites crafted to look like MySpace logins. The movie, CNET reports, actually capitalized on a MySpace flaw and QuickTime's legitimate ...

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Zinio offers fix for QuickTime + Flash quirk in their magazines

Zinio, if you aren't familiar, offers magazines in digital format (yes, with DRM), many of them with rich media like embedded movies right in the pages, for Mac and PC. They have quite a selection and they've been around for a few years now, but apparently their latest version (released around the d...

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Bored with's icon? Roll your own

Are you getting tired of other good icons? Hawk Wings, obsessed with all things, has tracked down a Photoshop template for creating your own icon. Courtesy of John Godfrey, this Photoshop template contains instructions for inserting your own images into a icon, and Tim Ga...

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Transmit 3.5.4 released

Transmit, Panic's FTP client that I firmly believe was coded by angels, has been updated to version 3.5.4. They offer detailed release notes, but the cliff notes include SFTP error improvements, upload/download error and Growl notification fixes, navigation tweaks and much more. Transmit 3.5.4 is a ...

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A fix for the Procrastinatr damage

TUAW readers, please accept my deepest apologies again for this Procrastinatr fiasco. As it turns out, most of my iCal calendars are simply subscriptions to my Google Calendars, so I never saw any damage before posting this. Fortunately, however, a commenter on the Procrastinatr post by the name of ...

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Widget Watch: CSS Tweak!

CSS Tweak!, as you might imagine, can optimize and clean up your CSS code with the drag and drop of a file. The widget will report how much smaller your file is going to get, and its description states that your new file is "saved in the same location as the original", so I'm pretty sure this means ...

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Surprise - Thunderbird released with Universal goodness

Right alongside Firefox's update today, Mozilla has also brought Thunderbird up to the (. version with a big improvement for Intel Mac owners: Universal Binary super-powers. Also in this update are security and bug fixes. Let us all take a moment of silence in remembrance of the bug...

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Possible fix for the iPod 'click of death'

JC at Mac Geekery has come across a potential solution to the iPod hard drive's 'click of death' that many owners will likely experience at some point or another (After all it's a hard drive and you walk/run/snowboard around with it all day. It has to throw in the towel some day). After hurling a de...

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ChocoFlop - powerful image editing

Even as an alpha image editor, I think it's safe to dub ChocoFlop a true "poor man's Photoshop." It offers layers, real-time preview of filters and effects (of which there are many), a slew of selection tools, blending modes, masks, color adjusting and a whole bunch of file formats it can...

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Camino 1.0.1 with security, Java, Keychain updates

Hot on the heels of Firefox releasing a security update, Camino has been bumped to 1.0.1 with mostly security and bug fixes which include: Fixed several critical security issues, including those fixed in version of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine. Upgraded the bundled Java E...

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