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Simple fix for the USB monitor black screen of doom

If you use a USB display adapter to add a 2nd screen to your Mac, you may have noticed that ever since Mac OS X 10.5.7 came out, they have been mysteriously failing. This morning, after logging out and logging back in, the black-screen-of-doom scenario happened on my Mac mini's second monitor. By s...

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Transmission 1.2 released

If you're a fan of the ever so popular BitTorrent client, Transmission, then you might like to hear that a new version was just released. According to the release notes some of the fixes included: You can now reset global statistics Support of multitracker torrents has been improved UPnP por...

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TUAW makes Jisho better, version 2.1.1 out now

The other week, we posted about Jisho, a Japanese to English translator for the Mac, and James, the developer, sent us another notice today that he's since updated to version 2.1.1. I can't find a changelist anywhere (and the site still says version 2.1) but James says there's a new intro splash s...

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Mighty Mouse take apart

I recently purchased a wireless Mighty Mouse. Several users have complained of a sticky roller ball, and I was concerned until I was shown this step-by-step, illustrated take-apart. You'll only need an X-acto knife, a tiny screwdriver and some patience to remove the ball, clean it off and reassemble...

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MacBook Pro EFI Firmware 1.3 out, may cause issues

Apple released an EFI firmware update for MacBook Pro yesterday, so if you haven't grabbed it yet, it should be available in MacBook Software Update. The release isn't a big one, but is supposed to fix a display issue on the 15-inch MBP models. Unfortunately, a few people are finding the update actu...

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Former Apple engineer offers fixes for Month of Apple bugs silliness

Landon Fuller, programmer and former Apple BSD Technology Group engineer extraordinaire, has offered to try and provide fixes for the exploits that appear during this asinine Month of Apple Bugs. Landon has already posted workarounds for the QuickTime vulnerability, and he links a change the VLC tea...

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Zinio offers fix for QuickTime + Flash quirk in their magazines

Zinio, if you aren't familiar, offers magazines in digital format (yes, with DRM), many of them with rich media like embedded movies right in the pages, for Mac and PC. They have quite a selection and they've been around for a few years now, but apparently their latest version (released around the d...

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Transmit 3.5.4 released

Transmit, Panic's FTP client that I firmly believe was coded by angels, has been updated to version 3.5.4. They offer detailed release notes, but the cliff notes include SFTP error improvements, upload/download error and Growl notification fixes, navigation tweaks and much more. Transmit 3.5.4 is a ...

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Surprise - Thunderbird released with Universal goodness

Right alongside Firefox's update today, Mozilla has also brought Thunderbird up to the (. version with a big improvement for Intel Mac owners: Universal Binary super-powers. Also in this update are security and bug fixes. Let us all take a moment of silence in remembrance of the bug...

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iWork 06 "v2" updates

Updates for Keynote 3 and Pages 2 (iWork 06 versions) are available from Software Update. Oddly, they aren't point versions - they're "v2" of the updates Apple released just last week, and they're pretty large. Also, they both have the same description as last week's updates. Keynote: &qu...

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Software Update: GarageBand 3.0.2

TUAW reader Mark H noticed that a software update is available for GarageBand. Version 3.0.2 weighs in at 32.2 MB (though both Mark H and I are on Intel Macs so your mileage may vary) and: "addresses issues with video handling, podcast exporting, and importing QuickTime markers. It also addres...

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