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Adobe posts Flash Player 10.1 for Mac

At long last, Adobe has released Flash Player 10.1 for Mac OS X. There's a huge list of changes with this update; hopefully one will address "...the number one reason Macs crash." The major changes are aimed at developers, and include GPU hardware acceleration, support for dynamic quality during ...

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Apple throws Adobe a bone -- on the Mac

Adobe's Flash Player has never performed as well in Mac OS X as it does on Windows-running PCs. The traditionally poor performance of Adobe's plugin on the Mac has led many iPhone and iPad users to support Apple's decision to keep Flash off of its mobile devices. While the upcoming Flash 10.1 does b...

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YouTube videos now available in HTML5: Good riddance, Flash

We haven't exactly been secretive about our distaste for Adobe's Flash Player here at TUAW. Flash on the Mac has traditionally been a terrible resource hog, and while the pre-release of Flash Player 10.1 alleviated (to an extent) Flash's inordinately high CPU usage, many of us still dreamed of a gol...

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Flash beta update, Perian gets a refresh

There were two minor video plug-in related updates last night. First Adobe released a new beta of their Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 (this on the heels of a set of security patches for the stable release version last week). Flash 10.1 is introducing a host of new features, but is primarily aimed at the ...

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Adobe points finger at Apple over Flash for iPhone

The lack of Flash of the iPhone has been an issue, complaint and breaking point for many current (and potential) iPhone users. It seems that Adobe is just as fed up as the rest of us and has started to more publicly blame Apple for the lack of this technology. When a website requires a Flash pl...

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Universal Binary of Flash Player 9 released

Adobe has cranked out a Universal Binary of Flash Player 9 for Intel Mac consumption. Strangely, a PowerPC-only build is still available on the download page, though Insanely Mac is reporting that it's an earlier build. If you're interested in what's actually new in this latest version, check out Ad...

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