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Tag: flickr find

Flickr Find: A colossal Mac setup next to the Colosseum

You have to be just a tad bit jealous of Travis Isaacs and his Mac setup. Not only does he have a gorgeous Thunderbolt display mounted to his desk and connected to his MacBook Pro, he also has a lovely desk that is juxtaposed with art work featuring the Roman Colosseum and some SXSW swag. It's a r...

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Flickr Find: Mac rig with monitors that'll burn your eyes out

Hobby photographer Jim Petcoff takes some stunning nature photos, but one of his best indoor shots is the above grab of his Mac-powered desk setup. With a retina MacBook Pro, a Thunderbolt display and a third Samsung monitor to round things out, the solid wooden desk has a cockpit-like appearance....

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Flickr Find: POW! ZAP! CRUNCH! Batman on an Apple II

With Batman turning 75-years-old, it's only fitting that he make his appearance on the Apple II thanks to Matthew Pearce who resurrected the original Caped Crusader game for the Mac. You can check out the still shot above and watch the game in action in the video below. ...

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Flickr Find: Have yourself a Corona and a Mac

As much as I love my MacBook and its wonderful keyboard, I would gladly trade it to get some typing time on this vintage Corona typewriter. Until, of course, I made my first typo and had to live with the error or correct it manually and sadly produce a document with obvious blemishes. This photo,...

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Flickr Find: Lego minifigs recreate "Hand of God" moment from 1986 World Cup soccer quarter finals

Flickr member Chris of Oblong Pictures used Lego Minifigs, some clever backdrops and sometimes an iPhone to recreate the first goal in the quarter-final soccer match between Argentina and England in the 1986 FIFA World Cup. Argentina won the match with two of the most memorable goals in soccer his...

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Flickr Find: "Through the Phone" adds an iPhone twist to the classic landscape photos

Flick member SamAlive has a year long photo album, "Through The Phone," that showcases landscape photos in which the iPhone is a central part of the composition. Similar to the photos from French photographer Francois Dourlen, these picture-in-picture creations add a technological influence to the...

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Flickr Find: Steve's got your back

Flickr user Sam has found a clever use for her Steve Jobs Lego minifig. She attached the figure to a Lego stand and then slapped the stand on her desk with some Blue-Tack. A Lightning cable fits perfectly into "Lego Steve's" hand. Last week we wrote about Sugru, a playful material that hardens in...

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Flickr Find: Minimalist to the Max ... or Mac

Above is a Mac setup that takes the idea of minimalism to the max. Just a MacBook Air, a Rain Design stand and a simple keyboard and mouse. Even the surrounding black and white room matches the austere setup. Did you know that TUAW has a Flickr pool? And that we encourage readers to submit their ...

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Flickr Find: I love a rainy drive

The iPhone is an amazing tool in the hands of amateur and professional photographers alike. This photo from Flickr member Kevin Dooley showcases the wonderful shots you can capture because your iPhone camera is always available when the moment strikes. ...

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Flickr Find: An oversized iPhone before there even was an iPhone

Love this shot of the Newton MessagePad being used as a phone. It was crafted to be a mock "hands-on" look for the original iPhone, but takes on new meaning now that we are being force-fed rumors that Apple is creating a "bigger" iPhone. Is this really what we will be looking like this time next y...

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Flickr Find: Looking beyond a MacBook screen

This is a lovely and creative way to reflect on what is in front of you, don't you agree? Image is from Flickr member Jim....

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Flickr Find: The most meta iPhone photo ever

Consider this photo from Chris Gordon -- taken by an iPhone, featuring an iPhone, and reflecting a Mac. So much Apple in such a tiny space, it almost makes your head explode. Did you know that TUAW has a Flickr pool? And that we encourage readers to submit their own Apple related images? Please sh...

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Flickr Find: Even Stormtroopers prefer a Mac

You would think that, with his villainous personality, Darth Vader would force his stormtroopers to use Windows machines to keep them in a constant state of frustration. Instead, the Dark Lord allows at least one Empire soldier access to a lovely array of Macs. I bet all his trooper buddies secret...

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Best. Bumper Sticker. Ever

Don't you just love this vintage bumper sticker? Apple should bring these back -- I know I would buy one for every car I own and a few more for my friends. Photograph by Damian Ward of Flickr. You can contribute to our Flickr pool here. We'd love to see your photos....

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Flickr Find: Best workspace ever if you don't want to do any work

This tidy and captivating workspace was assembled by Flickr user Sam, aka purplelime. I like the clean lines of the layout, but I would get lost forever in the wall art, wouldn't you? You can contribute an Apple-inspired photo to our Flickr pool here. We'd love to see your photos! ...

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