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Tag: flickr find

Flickr Find: Even Stormtroopers prefer a Mac

You would think that, with his villainous personality, Darth Vader would force his stormtroopers to use Windows machines to keep them in a constant state of frustration. Instead, the Dark Lord allows at least one Empire soldier access to a lovely array of Macs. I bet all his trooper buddies...

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Best. Bumper Sticker. Ever

Don't you just love this vintage bumper sticker? Apple should bring these back -- I know I would buy one for every car I own and a few more for my friends. Photograph by Damian Ward of Flickr. You can contribute to our Flickr pool here. We'd love to see your photos....

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Flickr Find: Best workspace ever if you don't want to do any work

This tidy and captivating workspace was assembled by Flickr user Sam, aka purplelime. I like the clean lines of the layout, but I would get lost forever in the wall art, wouldn't you? You can contribute an Apple-inspired photo to our Flickr pool here. We'd love to see your photos! ...

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Flickr Find: Just horsing around with a MacBook Pro

See folks, you really can make an ass of yourself when you spend too much time on your MacBook Pro. Of course, we should probably ask reader Ken Fager if he was just horsing around on Halloween in this gem of a photo taken a few years ago....

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Flickr Find: iLove my iPhone 5s and all my other Apple devices

Say hello to this lovely iPhone 5s, which has joined a wonderful household of Apple devices over at Tiffany's house. Along with this new member, you also will find an iPad 4, an Apple TV and soon-to-arrive MacBook Pro. I can relate to all this iLove, having my own iPhone 5s, iPad Air, MacBook Air...

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Falling asleep with a good iBook

Gather 'round, kids and Grandpa Dave will tell you a story. Back when I was your age, "iBooks" were computers, not software. They were brightly colored, had plastic handles and resembled a Barbie purse. Plus, you could take a nap beneath one, as Flickr user Pinot Dita demonstrates. You can...

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Photo: Wall-mounted Apple keyboards

It's like a nerdy Bat Cave. Flickr user Peter Bocken shares this image of several Apple keyboards, carefully mounted on a wall. Can you name them all? We'd like to see a Bluetooth keyboard added to the display. You can see Bocken's mouse collection in all of its glory here. You can contribute to...

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Flicker Find: An artistic study in the evolution of the Mac mouse

Where some people would see a mouse problem, Flickr user petebocken saw an artistic solution. Take a walk down memory lane with this beautifully framed and photographed collection showcasing the evolution of the Mac mouse. It's come a long way since being born as a brick-like box in the 1980s and...

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Flickr Find: So shiny, you can see your reflection

Ah, lovely iPhone 4. How we remember, thee --- with your boxy design and shiny glass back so full of luster that we could use you as a mirror. As you walk down memory lane and contemplate your own iPhone 4, don't forget to thank SDruet Photographies for the photo. You can contribute to our Flickr...

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Flickr Find: Three-Card Brag with iPhones

This handful of old iPhones reminds me of a British card game, Three Card Brag. Will you fold or place a bet? What combination of iPhones will give you the highest hand? The photo titled "iPhone 4 joins his older brothers" is from Flickr member hezi cohen.You can contribute to our Flickr pool...

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Flickr Find: Lego Steve Jobs and our beloved Mac

Today's Flickr Find is so adorable it may just kill you with its cuteness. Created by Flickr member Sam, aka "purplelime", the Lego recreation commemorates the 30th birthday of the Mac, which was celebrated earlier this year. In true Apple fan fashion, the lego scene was recorded by an iPhone 5s,...

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Flickr find: The world's most ridiculous and expensive Mac mini stand

Today's Flickr find is from Stephen Hackett, who has created what he calls "the world's most ridiculous Mac mini stand", and we would have to agree. Not only is all that aluminum stunning, it's also a vintage rig now that the Powermac G5 is will past its prime. As far as expensive, the latest Mac...

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Flickr find: A mischief of Apple mice

Flickr user Damien Ward has shared this collection of old-school Apple mice. How many can you name? Current models are missing, like the Magic Mouse, but many of us will recognize the good old "hockey puck." Recognize and shudder, that is. You can contribute to our Flickr pool here. We'd love to...

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Flickr find: the IPOd clock radio

This week's Flickr find features an ancient, tired old GE clock radio that's yearning for retirement. It's even making a suggestion for its replacement. Here's hoping Flickr user Telavet got the message. You can contribute to our Flickr pool here. We'd love to see your photos....

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Flickr find: Siblings

Don't family reunions bring a tear to your eye? Flickr user Matthew Pearce reunites a MacBook Air with its elder in the form of an eMate 300. He also takes a quick jab when he asks, "How can the MacBook Air be an 'ultraportable' when it doesn't even have a handle?" Good question. You can...

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