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FlickrExport 2 is done, shipping soon

  Fraser Speirs announced on his personal blog today that FlickrExport 2, his fantastic iPhoto plugin for uploading to Flickr, is done and will be shipping soon. Yes, we know that since it isn't available right now, this post becomes a little less useful, but we thought y'all might appreciate h...

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FlickrExport 2.0 beta 1

FlickrExport has entered a 2.0 beta phase, ushering in some really, really cool new features including: FlickrExport now supports uploading to existing sets. Uploaded photos can be added to a group pool after upload. FlickrExport now displays a list of your tags used on Flickr which can be ...

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FlickrExport Beta 1.3.4b1

FlickrExport is a fantastic plugin for iPhoto that lets you, well export your photos to Flickr. I have long been a fan of it, but sometimes whilst uploading pictures it would just stop working. Frustrating? Yes. However, for a very cool piece of donationware that is the price you pay. FlickrExport ...

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FlickrExport iPhoto plugin updated

This is one of my must-have's. The FlickrExport iPhoto plugin has been updated to version 1.3.2. Once you've got this plugin installed, you can upload photos to your Flickr account (either individually, or in batches) and set their tags, description, size and more. Version 1.3.2 is mostly a bug fix,...

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