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Tag: flickrfind

Flickr Find: Best workspace ever if you don't want to do any work

This tidy and captivating workspace was assembled by Flickr user Sam, aka purplelime. I like the clean lines of the layout, but I would get lost forever in the wall art, wouldn't you? You can contribute an Apple-inspired photo to our Flickr pool here. We'd love to see your photos! ...

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Flickr Find: So shiny, you can see your reflection

Ah, lovely iPhone 4. How we remember, thee --- with your boxy design and shiny glass back so full of luster that we could use you as a mirror. As you walk down memory lane and contemplate your own iPhone 4, don't forget to thank SDruet Photographies for the photo. You can contribute to our Flickr...

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Flickr Find: Digital Steve Jobs on a bookshelf

We just love it when someone uploads a photo to Flickr that not only pays homage to the late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, but also demonstrates vividly how much some of us like to keep our old Apple equipment and books. Blake Patterson (@blakespot) took this photo on October 7, 2011 -- just tw...

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Flickr Find: Transferring games from iPad to Apple II

This is a little on the old side, circa late 2011, but it's still incredibly cool. Reader Ken Fager posted a photo of an iPad being used to download games from the Apple Game Server Online onto an Apple //e. Fager explains what's happening in the photo above by saying, "The iPad is connected...

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Flickr Find: iPad on a G4 iMac base

Remember the G4 iMac, lovingly called the iLamp because of its unique design that resembled Luxor Jr. of Pixar fame? Spotted on Flickr is this clever iPad stand that uses the base of the G4 as its centerpiece. It was created a few years ago by Flickr member Jamie37211, who documented the proc...

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Flickr find: GorillaPod plus Apple eMate equals nightmare

Apple's eMate 300 -- a short-lived educational "laptop" based on Newton technology -- was an odd-looking, curvy device encased in translucent green plastic. While the eMate is a sidenote to Apple history, you can still find the rare devices occasionally at garage sales and on eBay. Matthew Pear...

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Flickr Find: A history of Apple OS installer CDs

Remember when all Mac computers shipped with install CDs? With the debut of the Mac App Store and digital distribution, those days are gone. Like album cover art, the decorative designs of install discs are collectibles that we can admire while we reminisce about the Mac's earlier days. Nigel...

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Caturday pic: Stop working nao

Kitty is obviously thinking, "get off the computer and pet me." photo by kwalk628...

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Flickr Find: Caturday edition

Next time you wonder where the kitten has gone, check the warm parts of your Mac's power cord. photo by MorrowLess - Alex Nelson ...

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Flickr Find: Say hello to the Mac-in-craft

You can make a lot of things in the gigantic sandbox game Minecraft, including a gigantic floating Macintosh computer. Flickr user Caius Durling put together this floating replica on his own Minecraft world, assembled pixelbrick by pixelbrick, along with a floating "Hi" to match. It's pretty imp...

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Flickr Find: Grampa Mac Portable, meet the baby MacBook Air

It's hard to look at Patrick McCarron's snapshot of -- how many generations? Hard to count -- many generations of mobile computing development and 22 years of Macintoshes on the move without being a little bit awed. The Mac Portable, 1989's answer to getting things done on the go, seems simultaneou...

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Foto Find: Angry Birds breakfast

This is super cute -- a breakfast styled to look just like the popular Angry Birds app. A woman had some complications during her pregnancy, and she was bedridden and restricted to only eating certain types of food during childbirth. So, her husband started making food art, using the various foods ...

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Flickr Find: iPad powering bike stereo

This is pretty cool -- it's a bike-mounted iPad-controlled stereo spotted at a recent meetup for a group of BMX riders. There's not a lot of information on how it was all put together (maybe if user Mikey Wally sees this, he can tell us more in the comments below), but it looks like the iPad is sec...

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Flickr Find: Fan-made imaginary covers for Steve Jobs' biography

Personally, my favorite is Connecting The Dots. It uses a photograph by Diana Walker called STEVE JOBS AT HOME IN 1982. Steve Jobs said of the photo: "This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that's what I had." I love the l...

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iPod bedding set redefines 'touchably soft'

All you really need to do is ask yourself three things: Do I have a kid bed? Could my kid bed be so much cooler with an iPod touch duvet and pillowcase? Can I afford 349 Swedish kronor (about US $45)? If you answered 'Yes! Yes! Uh... yes!' to this informal product survey, Swedish retailer Ellos...

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