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Tag: flickrfind

Flickr Find: Unusual Apple designs from the early 90s

TUAW reader Mike turned us on to a Flickr photo set and a related post on Aussie Mac site MacTalk. MacTalk forum regular Donnie Darko was visiting a used book store in the Sydney suburb of Newtown when he came upon a rare find -- a 1991 copy of a Japanese design magazine called Axis featuring concep...

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Flickr Find: Planet Earth sends a get-well card to Steve Jobs

It's a miracle! You're an Apple fanboy, you're in Morocco, and you look up in the otherwise blue skies and see the wispy shape of an Apple logo appear for a moment before dissipating. And you're lucky enough to get a picture of it: Could it be that Planet Earth is sending Steve Jobs a get-well c...

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Flickr Find: You've been Steve'd!

When Flickr user jpegsrock returned from a few days out of the office, he discovered that someone else had taken over his desk while he was gone -- Steve Jobs. It's an unwritten rule among his co-workers that something is done to their cubes if they're going to be out of the office for awhile, an...

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Flickr Find: the Fluid icons pool

The team down the road from me at Carsonified have been doing it, and you can do it too. Fluid is a fantastic free app that turns any web site into a self-contained application on your Mac. If you want to keep your webmail outside your normal web browser, Fluid is what you need. Thing is, all th...

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Flickr Find: Apple sans-serifs signs

This might be the Mac-geekiest thing I've ever seen, but this is TUAW, so here you go. Sharp-eyed reader Morgan W has a flickr pool up of signs around the Apple campus in Cupertino, and notes that three of their newest building signs (at Bandley Five, Six, and Eight) have an updated logo with no 3...

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Flickr Find: Apple shop at Best Buy

We've heard about them, and now Ian sends us his Flickr tour of the "Apple shop" inside a Best Buy. It's a weird combination-- Apple's elegance with Best Buy's garish discount electronics warehouse look-- but from what we've heard, it works. Would you buy an Apple from Best Buy? Ian says the nearest...

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Flickr Find: Leopard is late

TUAW reader Matt Laurie whipped up this fun desktop pic. Show the whole world that you are anxiously awaiting Apple's latest OS offering, in style. I have to say that I am OK with this delay. What's 4 months between friends? That being said, if Apple delays Leopard once more that will spell trouble...

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Flickr Finds: sampling Jobs' stool

Here at TUAW we have unusual hobbies. Some of us like walking and biking. Others of us like spotting Steve Jobs' special three-legged stool. Chacun à son goût and all that. In honor of our very own Dan Lurie, loyal TUAW reader Judson has spotted The Stool™ on the recent Jobs/Nigh...

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Flickr Find: iBaby Designed by Apple in California?

We're not sure if kmcculler even lives in California, but there's no mistaking the birthmark on that baby. Yes, that child has the mark of the beast best. What do you think, folks, have the parents of this child Photoshopped him for fun or is this The Second Coming of Steve Jobs? Thanks, Barb!...

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Flickr Find: DIY iCurve with Legos

DIYer Extensor posted pics of a self-built iCurve replacement over at flickr. Created to support his (or her, the page doesn't say) 15-inch Powerbook, the do-it-yourself-Curve is made from spare legos and a $7 Container Store wire shelf. The shelf is colorfully made, surprisingly attractive and look...

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Flickr Find: What to do with 50 iMacs

What would you do with 50 iMacs? That's the question that a classroom of kids wants your input on. They have 50 iMacs (mostly G3s) that are running a mix of OS X and OS 9. They need some ideas on what to do with 'em. The first thing I thought of was, of course, a Beowulf cluster. What classroom cou...

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Flickr Find: Mac mini sculpture

What better way to end the day than with some Mac mini art? These 11 Mac minis are destine for greater things, but first TriangleJuice artfully arranged them and shared them with us. If you have any Mac art be sure share it in our TUAW Flickr Pool....

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Flickr Find: Two tone MacBook

Flickr user had some trouble with their MacBook's keyboard, and needed a loaner (I don't know why). The local Apple store happened to have a white keyboard for their black MacBook and the Two Tone MacBook was born (or the Al Capone Special Edition)! I think a black keyboard on a white M...

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Flickr find: Someone forgot to restock the vending machine!

Somewhere in a San Francisco hotel, California, there's a vending machine stocked with snacks, beverages, and some stale iPod shuffles. Let's hope the consumables are refreshed more often than the iPods! I wonder why we aren't seeing more of these? iPod vending machines, I mean. For a while there i...

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Flickr Find: Dearly Departed iPod

Oh, the things one can find on Flickr. It seems that a co-worker of sabellachan's had her 4th Gen iPod die. What do you do with a dead iPod? Why, give it a funeral of course! There are three pictures for your amusement here, here, and here....

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