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Flipboard for iPad looking to add TV shows, movies, more

Reuters reports that popular iPad magazine aggregation app Flipboard might soon expand beyond aggregating social media and RSS feeds and incorporate TV shows and movies into the app. Don't get too excited yet, though. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said he plans to begin tackling Flipboard's video am...

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Time Inc. exec makes the leap to iPad startup Flipboard

The New York Post is reporting that digital journalist Josh Quittner is leaving Time magazine to join startup Flipboard as its new editorial director. Flipboard is a personalized social magazine app for the iPad. You can enter your Facebook and Twitter accounts and follow any number of sites' RSS ...

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iPad app Flipboard blocked in China

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue confirmed over the weekend that its popular Flipboard app for the iPad no longer works in China. The company is investigating the problem, but it seems that China is now blocking Flipboard servers from sending data to the Flipboard app. All services, including Facebook, Tw...

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Flipboard daily usage higher than ever, triples in two months

Despite losing truckloads of money, iPad magazine The Daily is apparently seeing a lot of traffic, and content aggregation app Flipboard is seeing the same trend. CEO Mike McCue says the company is seeing a huge slope upwards in traffic, with an average of 8 to 9 million "flips" (essentially pa...

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Radiohead releasing new downloadable album, MC Hammer releases new iPad single

You may remember, about four years ago, Radiohead raising a stink over the digital release of its album In Rainbows. The band decided to "sell" the album on its website, asking fans to pay whatever they wanted, while at the same time shunning Apple's iTunes service, claiming they wanted to sell the...

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Yahoo! announces Livestand for iPad, available first half 2011

If you've been following TUAW's reports about The Daily, you're aware that many of the TUAW bloggers are so fed up with the buggy, crashing newspaper app that they've removed it from their iPads while the app is still free. For me, the crashes and slow loading weren't as much of an irritant as the ...

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The best iOS apps I used in 2010

After looking back over Mac and Mac/iOS hybrid apps, it's time to look at the best iOS apps of 2010. As before, this list comes from my particular experience over the past year with these apps. 1) iCab Mobile (US$1.99, universal) is a replacement for mobile Safari. While it is hindered by the fact t...

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Flipboard for Mac screenshot fake, real thing still in the works

A leaked Photoshopped screenshot that was supposedly of a new Flipboard for Mac found its way into many email inboxes yesterday, and now 9 to 5 Mac has confirmation that it is indeed a fake and not from Flipboard Inc. at all. While our own Steven Sande recently wrote about the possibility of Flipboa...

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New version of Flipboard adds Google Reader, Facebook Groups and more

Popular magazine-style reading app Flipboard has announced major changes to its iPad application, bringing with it support for Flickr, Facebook Groups and Google Reader. The new version also includes improved Twitter and social networking integration. Named iPad App of the Year, Flipboard has g...

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Flipboard rumored to launch web app

One of the more awe-inspiring iPad apps of 2010 was Flipboard. The free app is a beautiful way to read RSS feeds, see and respond to updates from friends on Twitter and Facebook and more, displayed in a format that looks more like a well-designed magazine than a reader app. It's so good that Apple n...

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TUAW's Daily App: Times for iPad

We posted about Times way back in April of last year. Back then, it was an RSS reader for Mac that organized your feeds into a newspaper-style page, so you could quickly and easily scan and browse a lot of information. Nowadays, of course, the iPad is one of the main devices for consumption of onli...

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Flipboard turns social network content into a virtual magazine

The latest hotness wandering around the blogs is this iPad app called Flipboard, which turns your favorite social network content into an easy-to-read magazine-styled layout. It does look good -- the idea is that pictures and text are all pulled in from various social feeds, and then assembled to...

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