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Amazon's Flow app is augmented reality shopping goodness

Amazon quietly released a new iPhone app last week that aims to give other bar code scanning apps a run for their money. The free app, called Flow, isn't revolutionary in its bar code scanning capabilities. Oh, it scans bar codes just fine, but the beauty of Flow is that it does more than just ...

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Kickstart the Flow: a capacitive touchscreen paintbrush

It must be stylus month on Kickstarter, with first the Cosmonaut and now the Flow appearing on the funding website. Like the Nomad Brush, the Flow by Joystickers is modeled after a paintbrush. The Flow has capacitive bristles rather than the traditional foam tip to more closely match the tactil...

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Flow now available, keeps your tasks beautifully in sync

Flow, the long-awaited task management system by Metalab, is finally slipping out of beta today and opening its doors to the public. First and foremost, Flow is a web app that many will find very similar to MobileMe in aesthetics. Through this interface, one can add and manage tasks through proj...

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Beta Beat: All your projects are belong to Flow

The public beta of Gridiron Flow for Mac has been released, and I have to say I'm blown away. I love Curio for project management and brainstorming, but for the nitty gritty of version management, file collection and project source file relationships I'd just as soon have something magically do th...

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Flow goes 1.0

Flow, a pleasant FTP client for the Mac, has definitely come a long way since we last took a look at it (so very long ago). Flow just hit version 1.0, and here are some of the new features: QuickLook Built-in editor FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, .Mac, and local FTP Droplets to upload quickly Flow...

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Show floor video: Gridiron Flow makes graphic workflows transparent

Among the Macworld Best in Show winners was an application I hadn't heard of before: Flow, from Gridiron Software (makers of After Effects supercharger tool Nucleo Pro). Flow is still in pre-beta, but when it ships this summer it should make the lives of graphics and production professionals much ea...

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Flow gets a website

The much-hyped (and little-used-- it's still in private beta) FTP client Flow has gotten a website, complete with a feature list, and some interesting screencasts about how the app will let you let Flow work with a browser, transfer files (remember that, the only thing FTP clients used to do?), and ...

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