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Black Friday sees lots of new devices, record app downloads this year

Flurry's analytics blog has a new post up about the bump that the App Store got last weekend. As I said in last week's talkcast, app developers have noticed that the holiday shopping season not only brings a slew of new iPod touches and iPhones into the mix (and this year, the iPad as well), but a ...

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iOS social apps attracting more eyes than top TV shows

In the battle for viewer eyes, Apple appears to be making some huge strides. How huge? Well, ad group Flurry says that socially aware iOS apps now have a larger audience share than some of the top TV shows. Flurry estimated that 19 million iOS device owners are connecting for more than 22 minute...

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Flurry: In-app purchases generating lots more revenue per user

Analytics firm Flurry has announced that in-app purchases are generating $14.66 per user per year in June of 2010, which is a few times larger than it has been in the past. Previously to 2010, the games tracked were generating only a few bucks per user per year, but in January the total jumped to ar...

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Flurry agrees to stop device data collection

Steve Jobs said a lot of interesting things on stage at the D8 conference last night (I'm surprised I haven't seen a t-shirt with "My sex life is pretty good" on it yet), but he did put one issue to rest. Third-party agencies like Flurry Analytics and others who use iPhone applications to track ...

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Apple gains 19% share of portable gaming market, 5% of everything

Flurry's got lots of new data this week -- earlier, we heard that 44% of apps coming to the iPad are going to be games, and now they're saying that Apple is making huge headway into the gaming market overall. According to the latest numbers, the iPhone OS has nabbed 15% of the mobile game market aw...

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Flurry data: 44% of apps tested on the iPad are games

Sunday night on the Talkcast, we pointed out that we didn't know exactly which developers were getting those test iPads to play with. However, we might know just which apps they're testing. According to Flurry Analytics, who have (somehow) been watching traffic from the iPhone OS 3.2, 44% of the ap...

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Flurry sees fifty devices that look like tablets

Mobile analytics firm Flurry tracks usage of mobile apps and lo and behold, look at what popped up this week. There are 50 devices running iPhone OS 3.2 within the Apple Campus. Flurry also reports that they've been tracking 200 apps across 50 devices since October of last year, and that usage...

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