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Recco claims to provide hyperlocal restaurant savvy

The New York Times recently profiled a new iOS app named Recco. It's yet another social network app, but this time one built around restaurant recommendations. Rather than a service like Yelp, Recco is attempting to be extremely local, picking up restaurant recommendations not from people in yo...

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Gourmet Live now available for iPhone

Gourmet Magazine closed shop a few years ago and has lived on through its Gourmet Live app for the iPad. A little less than a year after its iPad app debuted, the company rolled out an iPhone version. Both the iPhone and iPad app lets you browse recipes and read articles from their large collec...

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Planning a Super Bowl party? Check out these apps

With the countdown to the Super Bowl underway, TUAW is here to highlight some apps that will help smooth out your party planning. Apple helped as well, releasing its own list of Super Bowl party apps. We'll share some of those with you, as well as a few of our own favorites....

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iPad increasingly popular among restaurateurs, diners

We've been talking about the iPad in restaurants for a while, starting back when the Lecere Corporation began testing their FIRMS point-of-sale system. The iPad seems especially effective for wine lists, and we covered the story about Bones in Atlanta seeing an 11 percent improvement in their wine s...

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TUAW's Daily App: Foodspotting

We've been covering a lot of games lately (since those have been the main focus of the holiday season), so here's a non-gaming app that comes straight from Apple's best of 2010 lists. Foodspotting, free on the App Store now, actually reminds me a lot of Corkbin, except that instead of wines, you're...

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Holiday cooking with your iPad: be safer while you sauteƩ

Flour belongs in cookies, not on your iPad. The same goes for butter, wine, eggs and oil. Your kitchen may be a treasure trove of cooking essentials, but iPads and food should never directly mix. That's why this cooking with your iDevice radio story over at NPR gave us a moment's pause at TUAW ce...

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iPad cutting board a good gift for foodies and techies alike

Can't afford to get that special someone an iPad or a gift card good for the purchase of an iPad? Don't have a grandma that can quilt you an iPhone? Well, if your gift recipient happens to like spending time in the kitchen, they may appreciate this iPad Cutting Board. Laser cut from a chunk of hardy...

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iMac turned ant farm for sale on eBay

We've seen lots of interesting ways to use old Macs, including the great Macquarium that pops up every now and again. But I think an ant farm is a new one -- that's what this 17" G5 iMac has been turned into. An eBay seller in Hawaii says he emptied out the Mac's insides and built a custom habitat ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and you've agreed to have the family over for dinner tomorrow, complete with a turkey and fixings and everything. But you just realized that you don't actually have any idea how to cook a turkey (and it probably won't fit in the microwave). Not to worry. CBS Intera...

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Edible iPhone birthday cake

And you thought that store-bought $10 cake you got for your birthday was cool. Sure to be the envy of Apple fanboys everywhere, Chris Samuels -- an independent iPhone and iPad developer -- received this detailed iPhone cake for his birthday from his wife Cath. Everything on (and inside) the cake is...

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Essential iPhone apps for vegans

Whether you've always been a vegan, or are new to veganism, there are times when eating can be a challenge. Sure, you can plan your meals out and substitute this for that in a meal or recipe, but life happens, so here are the essential iPhone apps for vegans dealing with life happening. When you don...

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Foto Find: Angry Birds breakfast

This is super cute -- a breakfast styled to look just like the popular Angry Birds app. A woman had some complications during her pregnancy, and she was bedridden and restricted to only eating certain types of food during childbirth. So, her husband started making food art, using the various foods ...

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iPad plate serves up pure geek deliciousness

Japanese blogger Shiinaneko has found a new use for his iPad -- a substitute for your typical dinner plate. It's actually quite simple. Grab any one of the number of protective films that's out there for the iPad, place it on your device, study the dinner menu, find an appropriate plate for yo...

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NYT on restaurant reservation apps

There's a great piece in the New York Times today about the growing practice of using mobile apps to find and review restaurants. The way it works is simple for customers. Just pull out your phone (or your iPad), launch the app and find what's nearby. Initially, OpenTable was the only app that co...

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iPad use case: Foodie

Over the past few weeks, we've heard many people say, "The iPad is cool, but what would I do with it?" This new series aims to answer that question. We'll examine one user case per post, from couch surfer to mobile professional, and describe just how that person uses his or her iPad. I love fo...

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