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Former Compaq CEO now loves his Mac

Forbes is reporting a fun story about former Compaq CEO Ben Rosen. Seems Steve Jobs and Rosen met in 1999, and Jobs tried to convince Rosen, then at Compaq, to license the Mac OS. It never happened, and Steve reportedly had second thoughts about it all anyway. Fast forward to 2007. Rosen writes...

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Forbes: Apple tried to buy Dropbox

When we began hearing about Apple's iCloud, a lot of the TUAW staffers thought the same thing -- why doesn't Apple just buy Dropbox? After all, it works the way that a lot of Apple fans think cloud storage should intuitively work. Well, a story by Forbes staffer Victoria Barret spills the beans o...

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Forbes profiles Comex, the hacker behind JailbreakMe

The Apple world knows him as Comex, the person who developed JailbreakMe to let iPhone users quickly and easily jailbreak their devices. Now Forbes has outed Comex in a preview of an article that will be published in the magazine later this week. Comex is really Nicholas Allegra, a 19 year old s...

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Forbes: China growth will propel AAPL shares to $547 in the next nine months

Eric Jackson at Forbes has written a piece with some astounding numbers about Apple's business in China. Most impressively, Jackson thinks that because of Apple's China business, Apple shares will hit $547 per share by January 2012, which is only nine months away. That's an impressive upswing f...

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Apple exchanges iPads for iPad 2 for Rutgers class

An Apple retail store in New Jersey has taken back an order of original iPads and replaced them with iPad 2 units for a class at Rutgers' Center for Management Development, according to Forbes. In a move bound to annoy everyone who bought an iPad just before the iPad 2 was released and found th...

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Analyst: iPhone mini could increase Apple's market reach by 6X, revenue 2.5X

Analyst Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research predicts Apple could increase its addressable handset market by 6X in unit volume and 2.5X in revenue with the launch of a smaller, less expensive iPhone model, says Forbes. These projected numbers come from his analysis of handset market share and Apple...

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Report: Apple's inventory woes fixed for holiday shoppers

A number of analysts are expecting inventory shortages to restrict holiday gadget sales. However, Forbes reports that Apple will be able to avoid the pinch. Jason Busch, the founder and Managing Director of advisory firm Azul Partner, expects Apple to keep holiday shoppers happy for three main re...

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Fortune names Jobs "CEO of the Decade"

Forbes Fortune bestowed a significant honor on Steve Jobs today, naming him their CEO of the Decade. Fortune outlines the incredible leaps in business, technology and industry Apple has made since Steve's return. For anyone who might not remember, the 90's were not kind to Apple and nearly everyone ...

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For a guy who makes $1 per year, Steve Jobs sure is rich!

Forbes Magazine published their annual "400 Richest Americans" ranking yesterday, and as usual Mr. William Gates of Microsoft leads the list at a net worth of US$50 billion. Others in the PC world are in the list -- Microsoft's favorite screamer Steve Ballmer is at #14 with US$13.3 billion, the Goog...

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Ziphone author demos iPhone crash to Forbes

Ziphone creator Piergiorgio Zambrini has discovered a bug with the iPhone that causes the phone to crash when it starts to play a specially-created video. recorded a demonstration. The bug apparently affects the audio track of the video, which takes down the iPhone operating system. I cou...

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Why is everyone picking on Apple?

A spate of bad news surrounding Mobile Me and iPhone 3G quality problems paired with renewed vigor from competitors Microsoft, Dell, and Nokia has Apple running out of slack from the normally fawning press (TUAW certainly not withstanding). Forbes has a story about why Apple seems to have lost its ...

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iPod's victims: first CDs, now DVDs?

Forbes' Brian Caulfield suggests that Blockbuster and Netflix should be very concerned about Apple's rumored move into digital movie rentals. He suggests that history has proven the iPod to be a very disruptive device. Just look at CD sales, says Mr. Cauflied, their decline over the last several yea...

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The iPod and the "product transition"

Perhaps the most interesting and mysterious two words heard yesterday during Apple's big conference call were "product transition." The biggest surprise of the call was that Apple was setting its profit guidance much lower than expected, and the two big causes they gave for doing that were "higher c...

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Class action lawsuits filed against Apple

Just when you think Apple's financial woes have begun to recede, alerts us to a slew of recently filed class action lawsuits that all have the big fruit in their sights. First up is yet another complaint alleging that Apple has created a monopoly by tying iTS purchases to the iPod and onl...

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