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Tag: found footage

Found Footage: A look at European FaceTime ads

Apple's advertising for the FaceTime video chat feature on the iPhone 4 is emotional and effective, and now the ads are making it to the European market. All of the ads are backed with the universally-known voice of Louis Armstrong singing "When You're Smiling," and there is no audible dialog, so th...

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Found Footage: A clever iPod nano name badge

Although my Apple addiction usually means that I have to run out and buy whatever new shiny thing has flown out of Cupertino, I've been able to resist getting one of the new iPod nanos. My iPhone plays music and movies, and I don't wear watches, so I really haven't been impressed. Until now,...

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Found Footage: iPod touch 4G goes head to head with iPhone 4

A site called Letem Svetem Applem has put together some performance comparison videos with the iPhone 4 and the new iPod touch, and the results may surprise you. In the startup speed test, the iPad actually beat all of the other iDevices, and the new iPod touch barely beats the iPhone 4 (but all ...

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No Comment: Newsday's iPad TV ad is awfully buggy

Update: It appears Newsday has had to pull the video (embed left for posterity below). Rumor has it Apple forced them to do it. Which is sad. There are certainly advantages to having your morning newspaper in iPad format: dynamic media, rapid updating, search and more... but not every aspect of ...

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Found Footage: Project 2000 from 1988 on the direction of computing

This video has been around for quite a long time, but my guess is that you haven't seen it. It posits how future computers will used for education and literacy. Watching it you'll be taken by how much they got right and how other concepts got short shrift. One surprising thing is that it focuses ...

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Found Footage: Last week's SteveFest in three minutes

We're all busy people, and I'm sure that many of us missed the iPod/Apple TV SteveFest on the first. Once again, Neil Curtis, master of cutting to the chase, has created a three-minute version of the 75-minute presentation. Previously, Neil did a very short version of the adjective enhanced iPad ...

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Found Footage: WNBC anchor shows Earl via iPad

Nobody ever claimed that the iPad was weatherproof, but that didn't stop news anchor Chuck Scarborough from taking his tablet out to the seashore. Reader Michael Neumann saw the veteran NYC broadcaster using his iPad to show weather radar during Hurricane Earl's race up the US east coast. He cou...

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Found Footage: MacOSXTutorials explores Mac Dropbox tips

As a Dropbox fan, I am always looking for new uses for the ubiquitous cloud storage service. Matt Fisher, whose videos have been featured on TUAW before, has produced a new video chock-full of great Mac OS X Dropbox tips. In this 10-minute clip, Matt shows: How to copy the Mac clipboard t...

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Found Footage: The iPad Orchestra

The iPad is gaining a solid reputation as a musician's infinite instrument, and nothing demonstrates this better than this video of The iPad Orchestra by Alex Shpil. Four musicians, all using the Seline HD app on amplified iPads, play a piece called "Sweet Dream" composed by Ilya Plavunov. T...

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The silly season: No Comment on The iBottleopener

Now I've seen everything. To give lie to the meme that there's an app for that, perhaps a new and upcoming meme will be that there's a case for that. The iBottleopener (US $19.99) is a case for an iPhone 3G or 3GS that has a bottle opener on the back. The video, that you've probably just seen...

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iPhone-controlled 3D display, via ping pong balls and air pumps

I'm not quite 100% sure what this is -- it's supposed to be a "floating forecaster," some sort of 3D display for weather information, but to me it looks more like 30 air guns with ping pong balls sitting in them. I don't really see how the "weather" part of the display works, but what's really cool...

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Found Footage: DIY iPhone 4 guitar cam

How we love the ingenuity of Apple fans. This enterprising musician took some scissors and a roll of oh-so-useful duct tape to an iPhone 4 box to create the awesome guitar cam you see above. Inside the iPhone 4 box is a section of plastic that separates the phone from the accessories. There'...

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Found Footage: Case-mate will freak you out with iPhone case commercials

Case-mate has decided to promote its new iPhone and iPad case-making site (one tip, Case-mate: Don't create an iPhone case site that requires Flash) with some videos, and rather than put together images of how great the cases work or how good they look, the ad people decided to just jump right in...

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Found footage: The inevitable Windows 7 tablet vs. iPad video

When Microsoft decided to drop the rather interesting Courier slate concept, some of us here at TUAW expected to see a parade of Windows Mobile Phone Whatever tablets coming out of Redmond. Instead, in a manner somewhat akin to putting lipstick on a pig, manufacturers are preparing a bunch of W...

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Found footage: Automate Foursquare with Future Checkins

I'm a fan of Foursquare, the social networking app that allows you to check into locations that you visit. Don't ask me why -- I find it to be somewhat intrusive, but I love the fact that I can be the mayor of a number of places I frequent. The only problem is that if I'm running a lot of erran...

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