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Foursquare travels to iPad for the first time

It's been an interesting year for Foursquare. First, the company that popularized mobile check-ins broke off its popular location sharing feature into a separate app, leaving more than a few miffed users to wonder what the point of it all was, and now the main Foursquare experience is headed to iP...

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Perch simplifies social media for business owners

Perch is a free, universal social media management app designed to save business owners time every day. Perch offers social network and review activity for your company in a simple, unified feed. It's also possible to watch other businesses and track their activity. Keep track of your competition ...

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Turn the real world into a profitable empire with Cashsquare

Cashsquare is a free app requiring iOS 7.0 or later that turns the world around you into a game for starting your very own real estate empire. The game uses Facebook and Foursquare to retrieve locations around you to compete with other players to "buy," then build upon and earn income on when othe...

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Foursquare 8.0: All things reconsidered

Who was not a happy camper when Foursquare suddenly decided to take their self-named app, rip the fun part -- check-ins -- out of the app, and put it into a new app named Swarm? Me, that's who. It really torqued me off that an app that I had enjoyed for years was suddenly breaking into two apps. H...

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Say goodbye to Foursquare check-ins tomorrow

OK, I'm depressed. For years, I've enjoyed using Foursquare to check in at restaurants, airport gates, hotels, and even my own home. During that time, I became "mayor" at a number of different locations and loved getting the occasional badge for doing something awesome like checking at 30 differen...

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Foursquare 7 introduces a scannable redesign and smarter location recommendations for users

For people who live in big cities where there's simply too much for one person to take in by themselves, Foursquare can be a blessing. It can be a way to build a curated list of recommendations based on which places have brought joy to your friends, maybe find a good discount and, most importantly...

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Foursquare rolls out real-time recommendations for some

Foursquare has begun rolling out real-time recommendations to some iPhone users. The recommendations will share tips with users when they arrive at a certain location. For example, a user could show up at a restaurant and have the Foursquare app share the most popular thing on the menu or highligh...

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Yelp update gives restaurant-goers full power to review from iPhones

In the past, users of the popular Yelp iPhone app could do just about anything on their devices that they could on the service's full website except one important thing -- leave full reviews. According to Ingrid Lunden at our sister site TechCrunch, here's how Eric Singley (VP of consumer and mobi...

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Narrato for iPhone is a full-featured journal app

Narrato (US$3.99) is a handy and feature-rich journal app for the iPhone. Not only can you use Narrato to record your thoughts, feelings and photos, but it also connects to many social media tools so you can populate the resulting "lifestream" with your comings-and-goings easily. In more of a passiv...

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Foursquare 6.0 for iPhone improves Explore recommendations

This seems to be the week for social networking app news, with Twitter's Vine app taking most of the spotlight so far. Today's news is about Foursquare 6.0, which has just become available through the iOS App Store's software updates and was announced on the Foursquare blog. Foursquare first ...

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Navigon and Garmin GPS navigation apps get updates and new features

Garmin and Navigon have a barrel full of free updates today, bringing the two GPS navigation solutions into closer parity. This seemed inevitable, since Garmin acquired Navigon in 2011. Both iOS apps now support voice directions through your car speakers if your iPhone has a Bluetooth connect...

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Foursquare adds 'quick glide' feature to iOS

I'm one of the millions of people who love checking in at locations all over the world with Foursquare. To date, the free social location-sharing app has logged almost 3 billion check-ins. A new feature appeared in the app's most recent update on February 28 to make it even easier to check in t...

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Daily Update for December 18, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Apple may be looking to Foursquare for data-sharing deal

One complaint often voiced by users of Apple's iOS Maps app is that it doesn't have a very good POI (point of interest) database. That issue may become a thing of the past, as Apple is apparently in early discussions with Foursquare Labs to provide local data about businesses and restaurants. ...

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Garmin and Navigon integrating Glympse and Foursquare into nav apps

This is cool. I'm a big fan of the Navigon family of apps, and also the Glympse location-tracking app. Now they are together, and it seems a natural fit. The integration of location-sharing service Glympse allows you to easily share your location with friends and family, so they always know whe...

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