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Foursquare update restores nearby checkins

Foursquare angered some of its users when a June update stripped away the nearby friends feature. This group complained loud enough and long enough that foursquare decided to restore the feature in its latest update, which hit the iOS App Store on Thursday. The update lets you switch between ...

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Foursquare 5.0 gets a major overhaul

Fans of social sharing app foursquare can rejoice today -- the namesake app for the location-based social networking service has been updated to version 5.0, with a lot of new and exciting features, plus a redesigned user interface. The free app has increased the number of check-ins that your f...

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Ten things I want Siri to be able to do for me

Now that I've had my iPhone 4S for a couple of days, I'm amazed with what Siri can do. I've asked a number of questions -- real ones, not questions like "What is the meaning of life?" -- and have been totally impressed with how my interaction with the iPhone has changed. But there are more things...

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Double Fine releases Psychonauts app

The great game developer Double Fine has released an app for the App Store, and it's related to their very popular game Psychonauts (which recently arrived on the Mac App Store itself), but it's not, unfortunately, a port of the game. The Psychonauts Vault Viewer is instead sort of an ancillary...

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Daily iPad App: Highlights

Today's daily iPad app is Highlights, an app that lets you find new and interesting places around you based on crowd sourced recommendations from check-in services Gowalla and Foursquare. The app works by scanning Gowalla and Foursquare reviews and then processing them through Highlights' ranki...

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Video App Demo: Checkin+

If you're looking for an app to combine checkins for Foursquare and Facebook Places try Checkin+ from the makers of IM+, a multi-protocol IM tool. Checkin+ will do just that, and adds the ability to see locations in a 2D map or 3D augmented reality view. Checkin+ will also allow you to see fr...

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Boxcar Beta for Mac available, brings notifications to Mac

Today brings a delightful surprise for Mac users with Boxcar joining the Mac family. Boxcar has been the standard for getting push notifications from your social networks, email, RSS and other services on iOS devices since it launched in July of 2009, and it has been one of my favorite iPhone a...

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EightBit goes HTML5 for SXSW

Sure, Foursquare is fun if you like that sort of thing (me, I'm too embarrassed to show my friends that I barely leave the house, let alone reveal to them where I go when I do drag myself out of my pit). But really, what you want to have is not just more fun than Foursquare offers -- you want twi...

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Foursquare adds photos, comments to location check-ins

One thing that is sure to make my wife roll her eyes in disgust is when we're out somewhere and I check in to a venue using Foursquare. I enjoy using the Foursquare iPhone app to check in, gain or lose the mayorship of a location and occasionally get one of those cool badges that they award to users...

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HootSuite for iPad now available

HootSuite for iPad is finally out of beta and available to all iPad users. We know what you're thinking, "Uh, another Twitter app for me to consider?" We feel your pain, young one. But keep reading to see why Hoot Suite is worth your attention. HootSuite offers support for three social networks: ...

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First Look: A totally Unsocial app

Sometimes it seems like the last thing we need is another social networking app, but how about being Unsocial? Unsocial (free) is a new iPhone app described as the unholy spawn of LinkedIn and Foursquare. In other words, it's oriented towards business networking, like LinkedIn, and location-speci...

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Foursquare app gets a version bump

Being the geek that I am, I always have time to annoy my wife by checking into venues with Foursquare whenever we go somewhere. The free location-based social networking iPhone app gained even more awesomeness (their description, not mine) today with the release of version 2.0. What's new? A to-d...

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Facebook for iPhone updated with 'Places' GPS check-in

If you've ever wished Facebook would integrate some of the functionality of online check-in apps like Gowalla or Foursquare, you're in luck. The Facebook for iPhone app has been updated to version 3.2 and includes a new feature called "Places." Places is Facebook's stab at sharing locations with ...

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Found footage: Automate Foursquare with Future Checkins

I'm a fan of Foursquare, the social networking app that allows you to check into locations that you visit. Don't ask me why -- I find it to be somewhat intrusive, but I love the fact that I can be the mayor of a number of places I frequent. The only problem is that if I'm running a lot of erran...

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First look: Rally Up, a social network for real friends

I have to admit it: I like location-based social networking apps. Probably my favorite to date has been FourSquare, which I love because I'm the "Mayor" of a couple dozen locations. But this type of app isn't for everyone. My wife, for example, says that she thinks they're a bit too much like stalki...

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