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Fox: We'll keep our content in iTunes

Following NBC's split with Apple, NewsCorp (Fox's parent) has announced their intention to keep top shows like 24 and Prison Break in the iTunes Store. According to president Peter Chernin, his company's relationship with Apple is just peachy: "Right now we have a perfectly good relationship with Ap...

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Finally, Fox in the iTunes Music Store

I woke up this morning to find that Fox and FX shows have been added to the iTunes Music Store [iTunes link]. On the Fox side, 24, Prison Break, Unan1mous, Stacked and some classic shows like Buffy and Firefly have been added. FX [iTunes link] brings The Shield, Black/White, 30 Days and It's Always ...

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Commercial Success and As Heard On added to iTunes

Just in case you haven't heard by now, there are two new sections in the iTunes Music Store, one of which I think is brilliant and the other which I am sure will be popular (but doesn't float my boat). Commercial Success is the answer to all those situations when you heard a song on some Coke commer...

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Stewie Griffin: Mac user

Last night on Fox's Family Guy, Stewie had a little fun with his Mac. While practicing for the Olympics, his brother Chris interrupted his "training" (don't ask). Stewie responded by knocking Chris unconscious with a book, and using his motionless body as a landing platform for his pole va...

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Murdoch not quite ready to jump on the iTunes bandwagon

Have you ever watched The Office? Me neither -- not until it showed up on iTunes, I mean. I tried watching it once on TV, but the Siren-like seductiveness of my beautifully-curved TiVo remote took hold of my consciousness, prompting me to change the channel to something a little more...I don't know,...

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