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Xmarks calls it quits

I've been a big fan of Xmarks for a while now -- I work on a few Macs and PCs regularly, and while MobileMe is nice, I've always appreciated Xmarks' ease of use (after a one-time setup, it basically worked automatically) and compatibility across whatever browsers I happened to use. That's why I was ...

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TUAW Tip: Sync your bookmarks to an iPhone or iPod touch with Xmarks

I'm an avid user of Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) as are probably many of you. I browse the Internet regularly on three different computers, and so it helps immensely to have all of my Firefox bookmarks and passwords synced. But the one fly in my ointment has been my iPhone's mobile Safari installatio...

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Foxmarks brings free bookmarks syncing to Safari

Foxmarks, the popular bookmark syncing service for Firefox, has now come to Safari. The service is designed to make it easy to keep your browser bookmarks synced when using different computers, by linking each browser to your own online repository. It was previously limited to Firefox, but the most...

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Possible trick for syncing Firefox bookmarks via iDisk

In the grand quest for methods of syncing Firefox bookmarks between machines (a la .Mac syncing of Safari bookmarks), a friend of mine passed along a tip he found at a friend's blog. The tip involves creating a user.js file in your Firefox profile directory, then creating a Firefox folder in your iD...

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Synchronize Firefox bookmarks with Foxmarks

Remember that Bookmark Synchronizer extension for Firefox that synchronizes bookmarks between computers? Well it broke in Firefox 1.5, hurling me back into the Safari/Firefox dilemma as I really, really need that synchronizing goodness - I just have far too many bookmarks (over 1000 ) to keep track ...

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