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French reseller eBizcuss sues Apple over unfair competition

Apple opened its first retail store in France in November 2009 and caused sales to plummet for local Apple retailers, says eBizcuss CEO François Prudent. According to a report in Le Figaro, the effect is so great that eBizcuss has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging the company...

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French court denies Samsung's request for iPhone 4S ban

A French court has denied Samsung's request for a preliminary injunction against Apple's iPhone 4S as part of the worldwide, ongoing patent disputes between the two companies. Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents has a lengthy, in-depth analysis of the court's decision, but essentially Samsung's...

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iPad subsidy offers lure student customers in France

France telecom operator Orange has teamed up with France's Ministry for Higher Education to offer subsidized iPads to French university students for €1 a day. The deal comes at a time when iPads are becoming recognized as a boon to students in the classroom partly due to the educational...

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Samsung accuses Apple of 'free riding' its patent technologies

Samsung's head of global marketing has spoken with the AP recently, and says that he believes Apple is "free-riding" on the company's patents, building phones and touch devices that apparently are unduly influenced by Samsung's inventions. No more Mr. Nice Guy, though -- Lee Younghee, also a...

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Orange CEO suggests iPhone 5 to launch in France on Oct. 15

Here's another iPhone 5 rumor to brighten your day. According to HardMac, Stéphane Richard, CEO of wireless carrier France Telecom-Orange, confirmed during an interview that the iPhone 5 will launch in France on October 15th. Richard said Orange has received information from Apple about...

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Samsung files French patent complaint against Apple

Samsung and Apple continue to fight a heated legal battle overseas. In the latest skirmish, Samsung filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in France. The complaint claims Apple violates three UMTS patents held by the Korean company. UMTS is a 3G technology used on GSM-based cellular...

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Lyon, France Apple Store is Apple's 325th

As of today, Apple has 325 Apple Stores worldwide. The latest one to open is in Lyon, France. The Lyon store is Apple's seventh store in France and located in the La Part-Dieu shopping mall. The store's location has strategic significance not only because Lyon is the third largest metropolitan...

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Why is the Apple TV so expensive in Europe?

There are lots of disgruntled people in the UK this evening, following Apple's announcement that the new Apple TV, retailing for $99 in the US, will cost... £99. If you subtract our sales tax (which is always quoted upfront, unlike in the US) that's the equivalent of $128, a rather...

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iPad international availability set for May 28

already had to wait quite a bit longer than they expected, as US demand forced Apple to push back the worldwide product launch date. Pricing details were not included in the announcement. were included in the individual country releases, but not in the domestic release. Canadian pricing is $50...

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International iPad release pushed back to "late May," pre-orders start May 10

This will come as a disappointment to our international readers, but it seems that Apple has pushed the international iPad release back an entire month. The iPad's UK page used to say "Coming late April." Today that was changed to "Coming late May." The good news is that Apple has set a...

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Survey: Less than half of touchscreen users prefer touchscreen

Here's a few interesting stats from a survey recently conducted in Europe. These aren't specifically about the iPhone, but given that smartphones relied on buttons almost exclusively before Apple's handheld came along (and nowadays, everyone's bragging about their touchscreen technology), a...

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Apple: "Exploding" iPhones succumbed to external pressure

There's been much news of "exploding" iPhones lately. If you're unfamiliar with the story, the European Commission formally asked Apple to investigate a series of reports that users' iPhones were abruptly cracking and/or catching fire. According to the French periodical Les Echos, an iPhone in...

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Apple Stores finally arrving in Paris

It's been a long wait, but Apple has finally announced their intent to open the first Apple Store in France, which will be located in Paris. In their conference call yesterday, they discussed the opening of new Apple Stores, including the opening of a store in Paris by the end of the year. ...

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Visua Mobile's old Apples collection

A couple of months ago I wound up in Paris and received a surprising direct message via Twitter from a young employee at Visua Mobile. Having nothing better to do in the City of Light, I wound up at their offices. I'm often suspect when a "mobile" development company rings me about their iPhone...

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French and German carriers release iPhone pricing (Update: and Italy's, too)

Heads up, mimes, and er... strudels: the iPhone 3G S pricing for France and Germany has been released! One of France's providers, Orange, plans to charge €229 ($318US) for the 32GB version and €149 ($206US) for the 16GB with a one-year minimum contract. The least expensive contract will...

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