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Dancing Woz cries foul, then backs down

He was resplendent in a pink satin shirt and geek glasses, but based on his comments earlier one might have thought he should dress in "anger-management purple" instead. Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder and current Dancing With The Stars contestant, picked a fight yesterday with the show's produ...

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Apple removes antivirus-related KB page

According to Macworld, Apple removed a Knowledge Base article about antivirus software compatible with Mac OS X. The article received "a lot of attention" because it seemingly contradicted Apple's marketing messages about malware for Mac. Our own Michael Rose tried to take the kettle off the stove,...

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Apple updates antivirus version numbers, security savants lose grip on reality

Update: The KB article referenced is now offline. You can see the archived version here. Update 2: On Tuesday evening, Apple told Macworld that the KB article was removed because it was outdated and inaccurate; Mac OS X includes adequate security protection out of the box. The BBC has also rolled ba...

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The Apple Store is down: regular Tuesday morning freak-out ritual.

The North American Apple stores are down. Last week it was Aperture 2 and Apple TV software updates. This week? Post your guesses/odds in the comments. Or tell us to get lives and stop checking the store every five minutes (point taken). Let's think, is there any hardware refresh that is greatly a...

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