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NY Times Business section features the App Store

It's always an interesting Sunday when the front page of the New York Times business section features a mostly-glowing piece on the dynamics of the App Store, leading off with some facts and figures from Freeverse's Ian Lynch Smith (who also appeared in our own video visit to Freeverse last month). ...

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TUAW Video: a tour of Freeverse

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many, many TUAW Videos to come. We've done lots of video on TUAW, from Macworld Expo coverage to WWDC interviews to fart apps and more. This time we're trying something a bit different. This time we're taking it slow and profiling Mac and iPhone users...

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The dark side of Skee-Ball for iPhone

I won't make any excuses, and I won't beat around the bush: I'm addicted to Skee-Ball [iTunes link], at least to the very-entertaining iPhone version from Freeverse. In fact, the reason I haven't written about it until now is that every time I get ready, I decide a little more "research" is in orde...

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OpenFeint introduces multiplayer, Flick Fishing goes Plus+

The battle of the social gaming services on the iPhone continues. OpenFeint's latest weapon is multiplayer -- they're working on a way for games developers on the iPhone to quickly include multiplayer (it doesn't actually say real-time, so we'll assume it's the mix of ghosting and turn-based multipl...

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Freeverse goes with ngmoco's Plus+ for iPhone social gaming

Freeverse has picked a partner in the ongoing dance of social gaming networks on the iPhone. They've joined up with ngmoco and their Plus+ system for all of their games, including Flick Bowling, Flick Fishing, and Moto Thunder. The first Freeverse game to use the system (which allows players to earn...

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Lineform 1.5.1 is out: TUAW readers can save $30

It's been a while since Freeverse's vector application, Lineform, got an update. Lineform 1.5 came out in January 2008, but the Apple Design Award winner has remained unchanged since then. That's not a bad thing; as we've mentioned in the past, Lineform is great vector program. But it's always nice...

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First Look: Postman 2.0

I hadn't really noticed, but it turns out there are lots and lots of postcard apps in the App Store. It makes sense, the iPhone (and to an extent, the iPod touch) is a great virtual postcard device. Snap a photo while on vacation, add a quick message and send it off via e-mail, all from within the i...

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Interview with Ian & Bruce from Freeverse, iPhone 3G S launch day

Freeverse president Ian Lynch Smith and dev lead Bruce Morrison were among the crowds at the 5th Avenue Store early this morning, and both are enthused about the promise of the new iPhone hardware for gamers. We took a few minutes to talk to them (pardon the loud store noise)....

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First Look: Flick NBA Basketball brings shootaround fun to the iPhone

Since my team isn't in the playoffs this year (next season, Knicks fans!), I've had to sate my basketball jones by watching some of the sworn enemies of NYC... shame, too, as this Boston-Chicago series is unbelievable. Four out of six games going to OT? I mean, c'mon. Anyway, just in time for the ...

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Macworld 2009: Previews of upcoming Freeverse titles

If there's one game company that I really like, it's Freeverse. These guys have come up with some great iPhone games like Flick Sports Bowling, Flick Sports Fishing, and Wingnuts Motochaser, and they have even more titles in the works. On Friday, January 9th, I had the opportunity to talk with Bria...

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Slide to Play plays games at Macworld, because I didn't

Felt a little bit of acid in my posts lately? Getting an icy vibe off of my writing for the past week? There's no hard feelings to Rose, Christina, or any of the other TUAWers at Macworld (they did an awesome job covering everything), but yes, I was a little bummed that I didn't get to go. This wa...

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Win three games from Freeverse

If you wind up finding a shiny new iPhone, iPod touch or appropriate gift card in the holiday containment vessel of your particular cultural persuasion, Freeverse and TUAW want to hook you up with some games for said device. Freeverse is giving a promo code for Flick Fishing, Flick Bowling and Mot...

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Flick Bowling Holiday "Easter Egg"

While this might not meet the official definition of an "Easter Egg" in an application, I thought it was pretty cool that when I opened Flick Bowling (click opens iTunes) on December 1st, I noticed something different. First, the background on the splash screen (below) was red instead of the normal ...

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Sneak Preview - Freeverse Flick Fishing 1.2

Wow, it seems like only a few weeks ago our very own Mike Schramm was telling us about Flick Fishing, a new fishing simulation game from Freeverse. They've let us know that version 1.2 of this great game will be available soon in the App Store (click opens iTunes - note that version 1.2 may not be a...

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Creator of Flick Fishing interviewed

Freeverse's Flick Fishing, which we took a look at last week, has shot to the top of the charts in the App Store, and OSX Reality sent us a note about an interview with the game's designer, Aaron Fothergill. His brother Adam put together the graphics and sound, and Aaron did the actual coding and de...

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