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iPad subsidy offers lure student customers in France

France telecom operator Orange has teamed up with France's Ministry for Higher Education to offer subsidized iPads to French university students for €1 a day. The deal comes at a time when iPads are becoming recognized as a boon to students in the classroom partly due to the educational ap...

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(i)Pawn is an iPhone game with screen-reactive pieces

This is one of the cooler things I've seen done with the iPhone's capacitive touchscreen. (i)Pawn is a game of sorts that works with a series of little figures on tokens that actually interact with the touchscreen itself. Most of the time, you need actual flesh to interact with the iPhone's screen,...

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Louis Vuitton selling an iPad case you don't need

Luxist is our luxury-obsessed sister blog here at Weblogs, Inc, and even though I'm just a poor blogger, I still enjoy browsing through their site every day, checking out all of the stuff I don't need and can't buy. Enter the Louis Vuitton iPad case, patterned canvas cases made by the famous French...

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Zut alors! MacBook announcement doesn't translate well

Thanks to what appears to be a character encoding problem on a French version of the Apple website, the MacBook announcement -- meant to say "perfectly designed" in French -- came out reading "perfectly dumb" (or as one of our tipsters said, a more vulgar version of "perfectly poopy"). That wasn't ...

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iTunes Video Stores coming to France

Over at MacGeneration, Christophe Laporte and his friends have discovered a nearly-live French iTunes Video Store. If you'd like to check it out yourself, search the store for "desperate" and click on Les Saisons TV. France will join the UK and Germany with transatlantic video stores. Episode prici...

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Orange gets French iPhone in November

It's official: Orange has the iPhone in France. France Telecom, Orange's parent company, says they won't subsidize the iPhone, but also didn't say anything about price, according to CNN Money. They also didn't give a release date other than November-- the UK and Germany are getting it on 9th Novembe...

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Ich bin ein Mac. Und du?

You've seen the US ones. You've seen the Japanese ones. Now, behold, Deutsches GetAMac. "Ein iPod. Klassik!" Ja zum Mac. Of course, it's not just German. Apple hosts a surprising number of internationalized "I'm a Mac." "I'm a PC" ads. There's the badly dubbed French one, the strangely familiar Span...

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French 'DRM interoperability' law reverses stance, no longer forces Apple to open iTMS

Portions of France's copyright law that initially were going to force Apple to open the iTMS + iPod economy for interoperability have now been ruled as unconstitutional. In fact, these provisions have taken almost a complete 180, and they now provide for fining anyone who is caught reverse-engineeri...

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Forgotten Apple TV Ad from 1989

Reader Michael Preidel sent us this very interesting Apple commercial from 1989. It's in French but is subtitled in English. Clicking on the image will take you to Michael's site where you can view the commercial. Thank you Michael for salvaging this interesting Apple nostalgia....

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Newly proposed French law does not penalize Apple

First off, I would like to note that this post is an opinion piece, and though it contains facts, the opinions contained therein are definitely biased towards open source, open standards, the freedom of software programmers, and technological innovation. France's Assemblé Nationale voted in y...

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