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Apple Fools: Gameloft's Pet Pal will let you control your pet via iPhone

Wow, this is incredible! iOS developer Gameloft is releasing a new app called Pet Pal, which uses sound wave technology to actually control your pets via the iPhone! The sound frequencies emitted from the iPhone activate certain centers of a cat or dog's brain, harmlessly commanding it to bend ...

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Test your hearing with Audiometry for the iPhone

I was just listening to the great Sound Opinions music podcast the other day, and they had a woman on who was campaigning against hearing damage. In fact, she actually called out iPod headphones (as I was listening to the show on my iPhone) as one of today's leading causes of hearing damage -- too m...

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UK bandwidth restrictions to affect Airport Extreme use

Macworld UK reports that UK bandwidth restrictions may negatively impact Airport Extreme use in that country. Airport Extreme uses both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies to communicate. In the UK, Japan, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Slovakia and Spain, regulatory restrictions prohibit wide-cha...

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