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Skinning Front Row to look like Apple TV

You say your Intel Mac has Apple TV envy? It's understandable, as the Apple TV is suddenly everyone's favorite gadget. Boost its ego a bit with this trick for "skinning" Front Row to make it look more like Apple TV's UI. It's quite simple, really, as it's just a matter of replacing Front Row's ima...

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rex remote from Sik

All currently shipping Macs (with the exception of the Xserve) come with an Apple Remote free of charge! What a deal. As you know the tiny white Apple Remote lets you control Front Row, and when coupled with some third party apps lets you do even more. Sik looked at the Apple Remote and thought, 'Su...

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Enabling Front Row on your Mac Pro - Bluetooth Mighty Mouse edition

Following up on yesterday's "How to enable Front Row on the Mac Pro" post, Sam Obletz sent us a note alerting us to the fact that the instructions don't work if you're using a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. Fortunately, Sam included instructions that do work with the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. The steps trick...

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TUAW Tip: How to enable Front Row on the Mac Pro

MacOSXHints reader posted a tip about how to enable Front Row on your Mac Pro. This trick will get around the problem of no Apple IR remote being detected, which causes Front Row to fail to launch. Front Row is already installed on Mac Pros - it just doesn't work. It just sits there, teasing you... ...

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Software Update: QuickTime 7.1.3 and Front Row 1.3

Software updates after a Stevenote? 'Natch! Fire up your Software Update, you brave souls, for there are new versions of QuickTime and Front Row. The QuickTime update is 'is an important release that delivers numerous bug fixes and addresses critical security issues. This update is recommended for a...

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EyeTV 2.3 adds Front Row-like menu

Elgato has released a fairly significant update to their EyeTV software that adds a Front Row-like menu UI for interacting with live TV, shows you've recorded and the program guide. Other sites are calling this 'Front Row integration', but I thought that was slightly misleading, as 'integration' si...

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Kittens like Front Row

really expensive cat toy was sent in by Brenden, and it is cute and scary all at the same time (I wouldn't like a kitten do that to my new MacBook Pro, but then again I'm a stick in the mud). Before anyone chimes in, I would like to point out two things: This video is really cute. I mean, a kit...

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Ask TUAW: Where do you put your Apple remote?

"Where's the zapper?!" A time old phrase uttered countless times in countless living rooms across the world, usually accompanied by an expletive or two. Now that Apple has standardized Front Row and bundled a remote with nearly its whole range, Mac mini, MacBook and MacBook Pro owners are also screa...

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Front Row 1.2.2

The Apple update elves sure have been busy! Not only did they release Quicktime 7.1 (for both Mac and Windows) and a Security Update, but Front Row 1.2.2 is upon us. Here's what is updated in this point release: Fixes a song shuffle bug Front Row no longer says 'Server no found' when downloadi...

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Open Front Row to third party developers

JC, writing for Mac Geekery, thinks Apple shouldn't add a PVR (that's personal video recorder, folks) to Front Row like lots of Mac folks want. Nay, he thinks that Apple should include hooks into Front Row to let third party developers get their content into it. These Front Row plugins could be anyt...

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Install Front Row (with Bonjour) on any Mac

So the new Mac minis are cool, and Front Row leveraging Bonjour is just plain smart. But what about the rest of us who can't afford to go out and buy yet another shiny new Apple product? Behold: instructions for installing the latest version of Front Row (with Bonjour support) on just about any Mac ...

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Why doesn't the Front Row remote have a click wheel?

As I was writing up my previous post about a Designtechnica article praising the Front Row remote for its simplicity and iPod-like ease of use, a question came to mind: if the Front Row remote is another extension of Apple's easy-to-use ideals, why doesn't it posses a click wheel? That round white ...

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Front Row now remembers video position

Reg mentioned this in a comment, but I didn't have a chance to test it out until now, and by golly it works (though getting screenshots of Front Row is a bit bothersome). As you can see above, I was watching a video (Channel Frederator) and then exited out of Front Row whilst it was still playing. ...

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Front Row remote: "sophisticated simplicity"

Michael Greeson has written an article for Designtechnica purporting to see Apple's future in digital home media simply by analyzing their famously minimal 6-button Front Row remote and the new Mac minis. While it might sound like quite the leap, he's written a great article that gives some serious ...

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Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple Remote

Here's a tip for  all you folks out there that have a Front Row enabled Mac (and I mean one that Apple recognizes as having Front Row on it, sorry hackers). Let's say you're curled up on your bed watching a DVD on your iMac via Front Row. The movie ends and you want to go to sleep. You have to ...

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