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Cyberduck 3.0

There are lots of great FTP clients out there for Mac OS X, but my favorite is Cyberduck (if only because the icon is so darned cute). Recently Cyberduck 3.0 was released, and it brings with it a bunch of neat new features, including: Support for WebDAV Support for Amazon S3 (that's Amazon ...

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Cyberduck 3.0b1 with WebDAV and S3 support

We recently noted the release of the new shareware FTP client Flow and now it seems that one of the more venerable open source FTP clients on the Mac is also nearing a new version release. The first beta of Cyberduck 3 is now available. Most importantly, it adds a substantially updated interface as ...

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Flow goes 1.0

Flow, a pleasant FTP client for the Mac, has definitely come a long way since we last took a look at it (so very long ago). Flow just hit version 1.0, and here are some of the new features: QuickLook Built-in editor FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, .Mac, and local FTP Droplets to upload quickly Flow...

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Forklift 1.5: fast, pretty and stable.

Forklift, the split-pane file manager with support for multiple network protocols, is officially at version 1.5 now. We covered the initial release a while back, and we're excited about the progress it's made. With an interface update (Leopard goodness) and some behind-the-scenes tweaks, it's turni...

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Dockdrop 1.0

Dockdrop isn't necessarily something new to Mac OS X, but it's a simple and a cool application none-the-less. Dockdrop allows you to drop files on top of it and perform an action. You can use the following protocols to send files: FTP, Flickr, WebDAV, or SCP. Dockdrop reminds me of the "droplets" th...

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YouSendIt releases Express for Mac

I'm probably one of the few bloggers here who hasn't shelled out for a .Mac subscription (and an iDisk) -- I've just never personally come across a situation where I needed one. For transferring big files I usually either throw it on a DVD or an FTP site, or I use YouSendIt for free -- there's a 100...

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Old-school FTP gets souped up: Interarchy 9

Interarchy 9, Nolobe's FTP application, is out Friday 1/11 with over 100 new features. We've covered Interarchy in the past, in part because of its old-school cred, but this release has some new-school polish. In addition to the existing support for the usual protocols and Amazon S3 transfers, vers...

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Transmit: An exhaustive review

Blogger Shawn Blanc is at it again. After writing a thorough exploration of NetNewsWire, he's turned his attention to Transmit, Panic's popular FTP client. He starts with the origin of Panic and Transit 1.0 (there was no "M" back then) before looking at the Transmit we all know and love, comparing i...

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Panic releases Transmit 3.6.3

Earlier this week, Panic released Transmit 3.6.3. If you're unfamiliar, Transmit is the FTP application that's loved by many (including us). Version 3.6.3 offers improved Leopard and Amazon S3 compatibility, French and German localization and several bug fixes. If you haven't tried it out, take this...

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Yummy FTP 1.7: Now Leopard flavored

Although there are lots of good FTP options out there for the Mac, my personal favorite is Yummy FTP. It's lightweight, feature rich, FAST (it's why I stopped using anything else) and now it's Leopard Compatible. Version 1.7, which was released on November 20, includes the following updates (per the...

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Another piratical tool: Captain FTP

We're all talking like pirates today, savvy? Best way to stay clear of Davy Jones' Locker is to have a sure way of gettin' ta yer treasure, like maybe a map, or a compass, or perhaps a shareware FTP client. We be downloading Captain FTP even now. The Captain keeps a pretty tight ship, despite all th...

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Panic releases Transmit 3.6

Panic has dropped Transmit 3.6, the latest version of the FTP app that we freakin' love here at TUAW. Included in the new version is all the great old stuff (droplets, and the "edit anything anywhere" ability), and the new features of Amazon S3 support and a "Copy URL web preview" (in which you can ...

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Multisite and iWebSites for iWeb now supports '08 version

For most users, iWeb keeps things simple by creating and managing a single, all-encompassing site file stored in your home directory. The downside for anyone who would like to create more than one site with iWeb, however, is that the app doesn't offer any easy way to do so; users have to drill in...

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Flow gets a website

The much-hyped (and little-used-- it's still in private beta) FTP client Flow has gotten a website, complete with a feature list, and some interesting screencasts about how the app will let you let Flow work with a browser, transfer files (remember that, the only thing FTP clients used to do?), and ...

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Use your iPhone as an XBMC remote

I have to say, as much as everyone whined about the lack of an iPhone SDK, I am nothing but impressed at how far people are bending over backwards to provide functionality to the iPhone. Yes it makes you wonder how much we could do if there was an SDK, but on the other hand, developers are really sh...

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