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Tag: fun

Daily iPhone App: Fish Out of Water! makes a gorgeous splash in a shallow pool

Halfbrick Studios is one of the most popular developers on the App Store, so much so that I can guarantee you've played their work before: Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are their two biggest titles. And now, the Australian developer has released a brand-new iOS game, called Fish Out of Water,...

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Firaxis bringing Haunted Hollow to iOS

Firaxis is one of my favorite game developers -- they're the group behind the Civ series as well as the recent (and excellent) XCOM: Enemy Unknown reboot. Today, they've surprise-announced a game called Haunted Hollow, which is coming to iOS later on this spring. As you'd imagine from Firaxis, ...

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Daily iPhone App: Rivals at War is fun but way too freemium

Hothead Games is a studio that's been all over the place -- it's a Canadian developer that started out making some interesting PC titles, but lately has transitioned over to iOS, making freemium games that recently have been more freemium than games. The company found a sizable hit with its Big...

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DevJuice: Apple exception snarks

Life is hard for Apple engineers. Long work hours, high demands and little exposure for individual achievement. That's why it constantly amuses devs to find little bits of humanity interspersed among their development tools. Incept Development's Dimitar Ivanov sent in an email today regarding a...

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Daily iPhone App: Hackycat makes kicking the cat fun

Stick with me on this: Hackycat is basically a game about kicking cats. In real life, of course, I love cats, and would never want to kick one. But Hackycat, designed by a very talented artist named Ken Wong, is all about playing hackeysack with a bevy of cartoony, colorful and surprisingly ser...

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You Don't Know Jack gets celebrity guests

I am a big fan of the You Don't Know Jack series as a whole, and I think the recently released iOS version is one of the best ways to play the game: It's social, it's quick and easy, and oh yeah, it's completely free. And now that version is getting even better -- Jellyvision has made some deal...

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Karateka compared on the Apple II and the iPhone

Jordan Mechner is the original creator of the classic Prince of Persia series, and as we mentioned earlier this week, he's recently remade another game of his, Karateka, in a brand-new form on the iPhone and the iPad. The video below, however, isn't really about the game itself -- it's about th...

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Daily iPhone App: You Don't Know Jack returns in Facebook form

You may be surprised to see the classic You Don't Know Jack here in this space again, as we've already covered it as a daily app. But that version is no longer on the App Store, and the new version that appeared yesterday is a completely different game, this time based on the Facebook version o...

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Caturday: The Snuggler

This cat is fond of the iPad and himself! Of course, this isn't the Snuggler as played by Zach Galifianakis, but cute nonetheless. Thanks to Justin for the pic! ...

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Caturday: Mac Plus kitty

From her owner Allan: "Katie, the cat in the picture is no longer with us, but when I got my Mac Plus (1987) and she was a kitten, she loved to chase the pointer on the screen. Of note in this picture: the old hard drive (it might have been an Apple 5MB serial or a Jasmine 20MB SCSI) and...

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Caturday: Cool breeze

Actually this kitten may be getting a blast of warm air, depending, but the cat looks content to bask in the glow of an iMac's screen during naptime. Something fun for a Saturday as we cruise towards Halloween. Got a Caturday pic? Send it to us via our feedback page. Don't like Caturday posts...

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iOS 6: Talking to Siri about Religion

I had no intention of broaching philosophy with Siri, as earlier today I was trying to get it to recognize "Hail State!", which BulldogsRadio tweeted would connect to University of Georgia Radio. That didn't sound right to me, but I thought a built-in easter egg might lead to sports rankings. I...

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Dan Deacon takes over your smartphone with clever app

Now this is terrific. Dan Deacon, a musician currently on tour, has an app for iPhone (and Android) that allows him to take over the screens in an audience and display colors or make sounds. The audience becomes more of a part of the show, even part of the instrumentation. What a lovely idea!...

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Shimi by Tovbot is a dancing robot iPod dock

As the world can't get enough robots to groove to music, Shimi Tovbot was demonstrated this week at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Call me a purist, but I like my dancing robots to resemble soda cans, wear sunglasses and be completely clueless to my verbal commands. Of course, I'm kidding...

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Caturday pic: Cat5 cable cat

From our own Mike Rose, this kitty is ready to wire your house, no AirPort needed. Got a Caturday pic? Send us a link!* *And permission to use the photo....

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