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Next-gen iPhone photos leaked?

The iPhone blogs says they've uncovered the very first photos of a brand new version of the iPhone (the pictures are watermarked from a site called UMPC Fever), and while there's no actual indication that they're real (at the very least, it wouldn't be hard at all to make a picture and load it on th...

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The bluebird of happiness

Our friends over at the Iconfactory have a devil of a time protecting one of their more popular icons: David Lanham's blue bird that adorns their Twitterrific software. Turns out there are plenty of people that think the icon is free for the taking, and have used it in all kinds of projects and web...

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iPhone 101: Triple click to go to a previous song

When Apple first introduced the iPhone, they also announced a new set of earbuds to go along with it. These headphones sport a nice clicky button that allows you to pause/play/skip a song. However, they forgot to include a function to go to a previous song. If you are running the new 2.1 firmware, y...

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Packrat can now edit Backpack notes, too

I don't mean to post an update every time the developer of Packrat sneezes, but this one is for those anxiously waiting for editing functionality (including when offline) with their Backpack account. I just noticed on Packrat's product page that the feature list now says: "New: edit your lists and ...

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Creammonkey is great - but where are the scripts?

I found a Safari plugin by the name of Creammonkey, which is more or less an attempt at bringing Greasemonkey's abilities to Safari's side of the fence. For those unfamiliar with Greasemonkey: it's a Firefox extension that allows savvy javascript ninjas to add functionality to websites and services,...

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