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Tag: funny

There's nothing wrong with homemade Apple gear

Love Apple products but can't squeeze a new one into your budget? Here's a relatively cheap solution. [Photo credit: Yum9me]...

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It's a little too big to be an iWatch

Hmmm, well it's certainly too big to strap to your wrist, so I suppose we'll have to call it the "iClock"? [Photo credit: Carlos Varela]...

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The 5 best pranks to play on anyone with an iPhone

Do you feel like having some fun at the expense of your iPhone-toting friends? There are a number of nasty things you can do to anyone with a mobile phone -- switching contact numbers, for example -- but there are a few special tricks you can pull on those with the iPhone, and here are the best of...

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One intrepid Flappy Bird player has figured out how to beat the game (NSFW language)

Have you played Flappy Bird? If not, consider yourself lucky. The crushingly difficult, yet equally addictive title has been exploding in popularity on iTunes thanks to its free price tag and simple enough premise. Players tap the screen to make a tiny bird jump through sets of pipes, usually ...

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iPod vs. Lawn Mower

A sad sight. Personally, the 3rd gen iPod nano is one of my favorite Apple devices of all time. The color screen was fantastic for playing games (Peggle was my favorite) and it was almost impossibly thin for its time. And this is what it looks like after it's been demolished by a lawn mower. [Pho...

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These 3D displays are looking better every day

The depth. The realism. The cuddles. I've never seen anything like it. [Photo Credit: Karin Dalziel]...

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So you want a larger iPhone?

All I'm saying is be careful what you wish for. [Image Credit: Windell Oskay]...

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Excuse me, sir, that is not an iPhone

On second thought, it's pretty close. Just go with it. [Image credit: ed_hidalgo]...

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Apple's Christmas ad is great, but this parody shows the one aspect it got wrong

Apple recently released its latest Christmas-themed commercial, this time looking to give a little depth and humanity to your kid brother who won't pull his nose out of his phone. It's a tearjerker. It makes me get a little misty. The kid made such a beautiful video, and his family appreciates...

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It turns out iPhone cookies can get you in trouble with the law after all

Remember yesterday when I told you about that comedian baking those tasty-looking iPhone cookies to trick a police officer into thinking he was talking on his phone while driving? Yeah... he got a ticket. After a series of tweets chronicling his search for a cop to trick, eventual pull-over, witt...

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Comedian bakes iPhone cookies to fool cops, but you probably shouldn't

Chatting on your iPhone while behind the wheel can get you into some serious trouble (not to mention an accident, so DON'T DO IT), but comedian Randy Liedtke thinks he's found a way to have some fun with the laws against such practices. Posting on his Tumblr account, Liedtke shows off a batch of n...

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This LEGO Steve Jobs is just as adorable as you'd imagine

Etsy is a great place to find odd things, and you don't need to poke around on the site very long to find something unique. Case in point: This ridiculous adorable Steve Jobs figurine crafted from LEGO blocks. From the iconic jeans and black T-shirt to the glasses crafted from transparent blocks, ...

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10 people, 10 face slaps and 10 iPhone 5s slow-mo videos

The iPhone 5s has plenty of fancy features that make it more powerful and secure than any iPhone before it, but it also has some pretty fantastic toys, like slow-mo video capture. Sure, you could use the feature to record some amazing BMX tricks or an adorable squirrel, but that can get old. Do y...

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Samsung unveils plans for new campus shaped like a figure 8, insists it liked open interior gardens before Apple

Just days after Apple's plans for a massive new campus scored the approval of the Cupertino City Council, Samsung showed off its own design for a brand-new campus that will house its consumer electronics business. The design elements include curved corridors, glassy walls, large outdoor seating ar...

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TUAW overanalyzes Apple's October 22 iPad event invitation

Apple sent out the official invitations to its October 22 event today, and as usual, it's filled with subtle hidden messages. We've put on our detective caps and come up with a list of secret hints that are hidden within Apple's seemingly simple picture and text that should shed some light on wha...

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