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G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad ups the ante on iPad protection

The Extreme Sleeve 2 from G-Form is protective enough that you can drop a bowling ball on your iPad and it will survive the impact. Though I didn't go to such extreme measures, I did try the Extreme Sleeve 2 and can confirm that the US$70 sleeve offers exceptional impact protection for everyd...

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Encased iPad survives 1300 foot drop, because why not?

The folks at G-Form make athletic pads and rugged iPad cases, but they must really hate Apple's tablet over there. Not only did they drop a bowling ball on it and drop it out of a plane at 500 feet, but now they've doubled that distance, throwing a couple of encased iPads from a parachute at a ...

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iPad survives 500 foot fall from airplane thanks to G-Form Extreme Sleeve

Companies like G-Form enjoy wowing people with products that protect your device under the most extreme conditions. This time around, the team took an iPad, slipped it into their Extreme Sleeve and dropped it from an ultralight airplane. Similar to the iPhone that plummeted from a plane, the iP...

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