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Rig of the Week: The ATX G4

This week's rig features one of the best-looking G4s you'll ever see. Enterprising reader :: Jonathan transplanted the guts from his destroyed G4 into an ATX case he had lying around. Sure, the power buttons didn't line up and the had to do some sawing to make the ports accessible, but the important...

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Rig of the Week: Oh, the horror

This week's rig was chosen for one reason only: It made us shudder. We realize that the Cube wasn't exactly Apple's greatest success, but this is like using a Ferrari as a doorstop. At least we can take consolation in the fact that it's not at the dump. Poor little Cube. G4_peaceplant_2 by erlendeks...

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G3 iMac good enough for casual user?

The CRT iMacs will always hold a special place in my heart since my first Mac was a 'Blueberry' iMac (yes, I know the picture accompanying this post isn't a Blueberry iMac, it is an Indigo iMac) which is still being used today by my decidedly non-technical mother. However, does a five year old 400mz...

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Optimized Firefox

Neil Lee has once again gifted the Mac community with optimized builds of Firefox There are builds for G4s, G5s and Intel Macs. Bless you, Neil. As if that weren't enough, Neil went ahead an applied Firefoxy to both the Intel and G4 builds (sadly you G5'ers will have to suffer with OS X for...

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Rig of the Day: Maxed out

For the month of March, we've added a theme to the Rig of the Day posts: "Maxed out." From now until the 31st, we want to see pictures of your over-the-top, maxed out set up. Just upload it to our group Flickr pool, and we'll select an image every day to highlight. Next month, we'll choos...

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Powerlogix problems: overheating and kernel panics

If you have upgraded your Mac using my semi-cracky How-To you may have also upgraded your Powerlogix CPU Director software as time went along. Recently I updated to CPU Director 2.3b2, and when the drop down menu in System Preferences > Energy Saver > Options > Processor Performance disappe...

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Rig of the Day: Me and the cluster

It's just another day at the office. That is, an office that houses two racks bulging with Xserves. Here you'll find Flickr user el frijole standing next to 42 Xserve G4s, 5 G5 Xserve cluster nodes and 1 Xserve G5. We'd call that a pretty decent rig, wouldn't you? "Me and The Cluster" post...

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G4 and G5 optimized Firefox 1.5.01 released

Beaknik Pad has released his G4 and G5 optimized recompiles of Firefox 1.5.01 for your pleasure. This puts the release in line with the official Firefox release. Remember, these are unofficial releases of Firefox so they can't use the icon and the name (so it is called 'DeerPark'), however, the appl...

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Crazy Eastern European G4 Car Mod

If there was ever a doubt about Eastern European Mac fans, let that shred of uncertainty be squelched. Today on MacMod one of the most amazing car installs of a Mac I have ever witnessed was posted after being translated [from Czech?]. Jiri Jirout first created a custom housing with waterproof-yet-b...

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Optimized Firefox with OS X form goodness

Sure, there are G4 and G5 optimized versions of Firefox 1.5, but neither can compare to the new OS X-style infused version. The BeatnikPad Journal picked up on the efforts of a Mozilla forum user by the name of Pu7o to build a version of Firefox 1.5 that includes the far more attractive form widget...

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Engadget upgrades a Sawtooth G4

The folks at Engadget have posted an exhaustively thorough article on an upgrade they performed on a 400mhz Powermac G4. Specifically, they replaced the stock processor with a PowerLogix PowerForce47 G4/2.0GHz, with 512K 1:1 L2 Cache per processor. In the process, they came up with more comprehensiv...

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