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The Power Mac stands as the last PPC Mac

Oh, the poor Power Mac G5. Apple's "Big Kahuna" now looks downright elderly, being the only Mac that isn't sporting a rockin' Intel chip. I'm guessing that Apple's pro level machine won't make its Intel debut until January's Macworld Expo, but it's fun to speculate on what could be in store for that...

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Video of a MacBook Pro stomping a PowerMac G5 compiling Java

What's a big news day without a little bit of a hardware smack down? Call me crazy, but I just found this Gear Live site through, and these guys posted a video podcast in a variety of formats of a MacBook Pro with a (comparatively) measly 1 GB RAM making mince meat out of a Dual 2.0 GHz P...

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Rig of the Day: Serious video editing

Could you put together a sweet holiday DVD for grandma and grandpa with this set up, or what? Flickr user and TUAW reader trancepriest shows off his Power Mac G5, two huge Cinema Displays, iSight, video editing keyboard, a couple of cameras and other cool looking stuff that I can't even identify. &...

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Rig of the Day: Me and the cluster

It's just another day at the office. That is, an office that houses two racks bulging with Xserves. Here you'll find Flickr user el frijole standing next to 42 Xserve G4s, 5 G5 Xserve cluster nodes and 1 Xserve G5. We'd call that a pretty decent rig, wouldn't you? "Me and The Cluster" post...

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Say Goodbye to the 17 inch iMac G5

It's official, there are no more 17 inch iMacs in the Apple Store as of today. After the price reduction on the 20 inch models a few days ago, Apple has removed the 17 inch model completely. This means, however, that you can still purchase refurbished 17 inch iMac G5's if they come up in Apple's dis...

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G4 and G5 optimized Firefox 1.5.01 released

Beaknik Pad has released his G4 and G5 optimized recompiles of Firefox 1.5.01 for your pleasure. This puts the release in line with the official Firefox release. Remember, these are unofficial releases of Firefox so they can't use the icon and the name (so it is called 'DeerPark'), however, the appl...

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Apple clearing out iMac G5s?

We don't usually mention bargains here on TUAW, as there are plenty of other sites already doing a fine job of that. However, TUAW reader Adam noticed that the 20" iMac G5 has dropped quite a bit in price to $1499 in the online Apple Store, bringing the edu price down even lower to $1399. These...

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Intel iMac is Time's Gadget of the Week

Back in November, Time Magazine chose the G5 iMac as their Gadget of the Week. Today, the Intel-powered iMac has received the same recognition. From the article: "The first thing you notice about Apple's new iMac — running the Intel Core Duo chipset rather than an older PowerPC chip &mdas...

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Rig of the Day: Siblings

Now here's a person after my own heart. Flickr user bushwood's snapshot features a G5 Power Mac, an original Macintosh, an iPod and a print of the old "Picasso" illustration. I especially like that the original Mac is still running. It's nice to respect your elders. "macs" posted...

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New Intel Macs are first with a new chip but not a new design

In the "random observation" category, I noticed something about the new Dual Core Macs that is a break from Apple's traditional practices: they're the first Macs, at least in the last five years or more, to receive a completely new chip (from a completely different company, no doubt) and y...

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Optimized Firefox with OS X form goodness

Sure, there are G4 and G5 optimized versions of Firefox 1.5, but neither can compare to the new OS X-style infused version. The BeatnikPad Journal picked up on the efforts of a Mozilla forum user by the name of Pu7o to build a version of Firefox 1.5 that includes the far more attractive form widget...

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Quad G5 exposed

The images that James DuBois has posted here may not be suitable for young children and the elderly. You have been warned. James ripped apart his Quad G5 just to see what it looks like, and bless his heart for it. That is one serious machine, I just hope James knows how to put it all back together. ...

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The Pleiades USB-FX drive enclosure

Do you long for your lonely G5 tower to have its own little Mini Me buddy to sit next to it and provide extra storage space for all your files? If so, look no further than the Pleiades USB-FX. The device is "a slim, stylish and powerful aluminum enclosure for your 3.5" Serial or Parallel ATA ha...

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Apple Announces New PowerMac G5s

Hot on the heels of letting the news slip, Apple today officially announced a new line up of Power Mac G5s: "The Power Mac G5 offers 2.0GHz, 2.3GHz and 2.7GHz dual-processor models with a speed boost at the top of the line. The dual 2.7GHz model packs so much power into tight quart...

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