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Tag: gadgets

That unique "new Mac" smell

You all know what I'm talking about: the moment you tear open your new Mac and are greeted by that complex combination of a "little bit of plastic bag with a hint of lindenberry followed by a rush of Styrofoam." We all love it. Just like every other Apple product I've purchased new, my MacBook feat...

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Washington Post on Apple and product placement

The Washington Post has an interesting article about all the 'free' product placement Apple has apparently received in TV shows and movies in recent years. The article states that Apple doesn't pay for all that publicity, but the company won't discuss how their products end up helping CSIs track dow...

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You know your tech lust is bad when...

...all monetary amounts translate into Apple/computer/gadget purchases. Let me explain. A friend of mine told me he lost his wallet containing $300 on the bus the other day (he since recovered the wallet, cash and all). I then told a fellow Mac using friend about this unfortunate event, and the firs...

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Opera to include its own widgets

Forget podcast overload, I'm suffering from widget overload. There are Konfabulator widgets (now called Yahoo! Widgets Engine) and Apple Dashboard widgets. Microsoft will included "gadgets" with Vista, KDE will soon support Dashboard widgets and a soon-to-be-released version of the Opera w...

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The Land of the Rising Mac

Todd Ogasawara, of the mac devcenter, has just gotten home from a family trip to Japan, or what he calls, 'Gadget Heaven.' We all know that Japan is a big market for Mac equipment, and that the Japanese are amongst some of the biggest and most loyal Mac users on the planet, so whilst you are in Japa...

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