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Daily Update for October 29, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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Devs gain ability to delete fake scores from Game Center leaderboards

In a move that is sure to appeal to both honest gamers and game developers alike, Apple has announced that developers can now delete fake scores from Game Center leaderboards. The announcement came via a posting on Apple's Developer News and Announcements page. It reads: Manage Game Center Leaderb...

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More than 600 million iOS devices sold, Tim Cook says

Tim Cook is on stage in California right now talking iOS numbers, and as you might imagine, they're big. There are more than 600 million iOS devices sold worldwide, according to Mr. Cook, and almost half of those just since the last year's WWDC. Smartphone usage market share is high, with iOS ...

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Macworld discovers the most loved (and hated) features of OS X

With WWDC and revamps of iOS and OS X on the horizon, Macworld conducted an interesting survey, asking its readers what they liked and disliked most about Apple's desktop operating system. As Macworld admits, the survey isn't scientific and only polled 5,000 responses, which is a drop in the buc...

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Borderlands 2 for Mac gets a multiplayer update

Borderlands 2 arrived on the Mac late last year, but unfortunately the publisher, Aspyr Media, wasn't able to get the multiplayer working in time for the release. Today the company has released a patch that enables multiplayer co-op through Game Center, along with leaderboards and achievements....

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Securing your iOS device for your children, Part 3: removing apps, limiting social features and other safety options

There has been a string of high-profile cases where children have racked up thousands of dollars in credit card charges through in-app purchases. In these cases and others like them, the iOS devices used by the children have not been properly locked down by the parents. In the first post of t...

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Firaxis' Haunted Hollow combines monstrous fun with some serious strategy

Hearing that Firaxis Games (the famous studio behind great games like Civilization and XCOM -- which itself is coming to iPad very soon) is making an original game for iOS is very exciting. That game is Haunted Hollow, and I got to see it in action this week at GDC. Lead designers Will Miller...

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Pocket Frogs getting a big update this week

NimbleBit has had two big freemium hits now with both Pocket Planes and (before that) Tiny Tower, but my favorite of the company's titles is still Pocket Frogs, where brothers and developers David and Ian Marsh first cut their teeth on the generous freemium gameplay they're now known for. And t...

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Mountain Lion 101: Game Center

Yes, with the arrival of Mountain Lion on the Mac today, Apple has finally extended its Game Center iOS gaming social service to the desktop. The easiest way to find Game Center on your Mountain Lion-equipped Mac is to jump on over to the Launchpad, where Apple's already set up an icon for you....

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Notifications, AirPlay, Game Center all coming to the Mac with Mountain Lion

We knew these were coming to the next version of OS X already, but Apple has just demoed all three of them at the WWDC Keynote in San Francisco today. As you might expect, all three of these famous iOS features look pretty much the same on a Mac (especially now that the sweet MacBook Pro with R...

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Kard Combat, Spy Mouse, more push big updates

Hothead Games' great freemium card game for iOS, Kard Combat, has gotten a big update this week in the App Store. The biggest new feature is a new "pass-and-play" multiplayer mode, which allows for two players with one iOS device in the same place to play their cards out, and then pass the devi...

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Another World coming to iOS this month

Eric Chahi's classic game "Another World" (also known as "Out of this World," from its US release) is finally coming to iOS at the end of September. BulkyPix will be publishing the title, and controls will come in two flavors, either as full touchscreen controls or through a virtual D-pad. Fans...

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Daily iPhone App: Quarrel

Quarrel is yet another word game for the iPhone, but this one is actually worth taking a look at. Instead of another Scrabble clone, in Quarrel you're also playing a metagame where you control an empire of warriors trying to take over territories by fighting battles with word scores. It sound...

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Daily iPad App: HowStuffWorks for iPad

If you love learning the details that explain how things work, then the HowStuffWorks app for the iPad is perfect for you. The app takes the best of the How Stuff Works website and packages it into a convenient, tablet-friendly format. It's chock full of content and features and will keep you e...

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Developer frustrated over Game Center use by pirates

The developer of an iOS game that offers Game Center support is frustrated with Apple over their apparent inability to block pirated games from the Game Center leaderboards. GAMEized developer Luís Fonseca said in a blog posting that he had high hopes for his FingerKicks soccer game when...

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