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Tag: garmin

Garmin may have an iPhone app store offering

It's been couple of rocky years for Garmin. They offered a GPS phone to compete with the iPhone, but it didn't sell well. It was a good navigator, but not a very compelling phone. Then Garmin tied up with ASUS to bring an Android and Windows Mobile version of the phone to market. That pretty much...

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Garmin improves Mac support for GPS, releases a Bobcat

Mac users have long complained about leading GPS-maker Garmin's support for the fairer platform. Fortunately, Garmin has finally stepped up to the plate at Macworld this year with several announcements for the Mac. Perhaps most interesting is Bobcat, which "allows you to transfer waypoints, tracks,...

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Garmin finally releases POI loader and WebUpdater

We've posted before about GPS maker Garmin's rather tortured relationship to its Mac customers, only delivering Mac compatible software a long time after promised (Training Center) or not at all (MapSource). However, it looks like things are getting better. After finally delivering Training Center...

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