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Jobs bio fosters resurgence in Apple-branded TV rumors

The Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs has just been officially released and now everyone from TUAW readers to Wall Street analyst Gene Munster is reading between the lines to see what Apple's "next big thing" will be. The biggest rumor? That Apple will be coming out with a branded HDTV th...

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MacBook Air, Mac mini drive strong Q3 sales

The NPD group released its sales data for the current quarter and things are looking good for Apple. Mac sales are up 22% year-over-year due primarily to the release of OS X Lion and new MacBook Air and Mac Mini hardware in July. In a research note, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster crunched...

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Mac sales climb after launch of OS X Lion and new MacBook Airs

Apple's current quarterly earnings should receive a nice boost from brisk sales of Mac hardware says analysts. This summer increase can be attributed to the July introduction of OS X Lion and new MacBook Air and Mac mini models. The latest NPD report suggests Mac sales may climb 26% year over...

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Survey: iPhone retention rate at 94%, interest in iPhone 5 high

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suggests interest in the iPhone remains strong. In a recent research note, he points to a small survey of 216 mobile phone owners in Minneapolis that shows 64% will buy an iPhone as their next handset. Breaking it down, 94% of iPhone owners plan to buy anoth...

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NPD suggests Apple had another record Mac quarter

A new report from NPD says that Apple has probably done it again, racking up yet another quarter of record Mac sales. NPD puts the number of Macs sold at 4.2 million, which would be a year-over-year gain of 12%, and make for the best record Apple's Mac sales have ever had. US Mac sales in g...

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Research shows Apple customers buy more apps, pay more for them

A new report by analyst Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray says that not only are Apple users buying more apps this year than in previous years, but they're also generally paying more for them. The average iPhone user will buy 83 apps in 2011, according to Munster's research, which is 61% more than ...

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Wall Street analysts think iCloud's future has a silver lining

Apple fans and developers apparently weren't the only people who liked the iCloud announcement on Monday at WWDC. As reported by Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Wall Street analysts are almost unanimous in their positive comments about iCloud's effect on the financial future of Apple. For example...

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NPD: Mac sales up 47% in March

The numbers are out on NPD's March report for computer sales, and our favorite Apple analyst, Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, said MacBook Pro sales continued to drive Mac sales overall, boosting them up to a 47 percent year-over-year-growth. Munster says that despite an overall drop in the amount o...

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iPhone use by teens at a record high and growing

Piper Jaffray has been polling US teens on their iPhone adoption rates twice a year, and the current bi-annual report was released yesterday. In the survey, 4500 teens were asked about the iPhones that they already own or plan to purchase over the next six months. Of those surveyed, 17 percen...

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Tragedy in Japan hasn't "meaningfully impacted iPad 2 supply"

The Japanese earthquake had a devastating effect on the people of Japan and temporarily shut down many manufacturing facilites. Analysts speculated this disaster might have produced a shortage of key components used in the electronics manufacturing process, but according to Piper Jaffray analys...

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Apple: iPad 2 demand is "amazing"

"Demand for the next generation iPad 2 has been amazing." That's what Apple's spokesperson Trudy Miller told The Loop, and it's consistent with everyone's anecdotal evidence. Apple released the iPad 2 at 5 PM on Friday evening. Long lines of customers greeted the launch, hoping to be one of the ...

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70 percent of iPad 2 buyers are new customers

Did you buy an iPad 2 at launch? Is this your first iPad? If you answered yes to both those questions, then you are similar to most people buying the iPad 2 according to Piper Jaffray analysts. Results from an informal survey of 236 people waiting in line suggests 70 percent of those customers ...

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Gene Munster: Don't expect long lines for iPad 2

Gene Munster, a senior research analyst for Piper Jaffray, expects the lines for Apple's iPad 2 to be shorter than they were for the original iPad in 2010. Even so, Munster predicts Apple will sell over 1 million of the hotly anticipated iPad 2 in its first 28 days on the market. When the origin...

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Munster: Mac sales up 20 percent this year

Apple's Mac sales are up 20 percent year-over-year and on target to meet expected sales of 3.6 million units in the March quarter, according to new domestic sales data from the NPD Group. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster revealed the figures, and he says that he believes early numbers from the...

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Bloggers and analysts predict Apple's Q1 2011 performance

Independent financial bloggers have traditionally been closer to the mark in predicting AAPL revenue and earnings than professional analysts, and one day away from the Apple earnings call, the differences are quite large -- about $2 billion dollars large. The professional analyst word on the street ...

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