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Proximity sensor woes caused by reflective ear canal

Following the recent release of iPhone 4 several of you reported an issue with the proximity sensor running amok during your calls. Our poll results were dead even with 50.1% of readers seeing issues and 49.9% having no problems. At the time I considered myself in the all-clear category, but recent...

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Readers: How to get satisfaction from Apple support on iPhone 4 issues

Apple's rumored policy is to not give away the $29 bumpers to consumers, and DIY bumpers may not suit your style. So, how do you get the golden ticket, in this case the free bumper? It seems that documenting your case carefully and showing that you've performed all of the recommended fixes in advanc...

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TUAW Brain Trust: iPhone 4 phone calls

I have been having problems making calls on my iPhone 4. Whether at home or on the road, my signal strength is simply awful. The only place that I seem to get five bars is the Apple Store itself. I visited the Genius Bar there tonight after Mike urged me to report my signal issues. So, I did. I c...

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Apple ranks third in BusinessWeek customer service survey

Apple has nailed down the number three spot on BusinessWeek's fourth annual customer service awards, falling in right behind LL Bean and insurance company USAA, and way above companies like Amazon and Dell. The awards were based on survey results from a few different places, and Apple scored an A+ ...

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Some tips when visiting the Genius Bar

Nobody likes it when their shiny Apple gear breaks. About a week ago I walked in to the Apple Store here in Knoxville to meet with an Apple Genius about my iPhone 3GS. It seems my phone was crashing much more than normal -- I logged around 90 crashes in the five months or so that I had the device. I...

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Rumor: Apple to release concierge app

The Genius Bar is a popular feature of Apple's retail stores. Shoppers can schedule appointments with the resident Geniuses to request repairs, ask for help and so on. The tough part can be getting an appointment, as they fill up fast. AppleInsider is reporting that Apple will release a concierge ap...

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Think those warranty parts are new? Think again

We received a question from one of our readers earlier this week that made me cringe, cower in fear, and heavily debate posting the answer. He had just been to the Genius Bar and they had replaced his under-warranty iPhone for a hardware issue. He then asked us what the quality of said iPhone would ...

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Man threatens to shoot iPhone at Genius bar

Even morons buy Apple products. There's a story on ifoAppleStore today about one Mr. Donald Goodrich, who was having trouble with his iPhone. As many customers have done, Mr. Goodrich brought his iPhone to his local Genius Bar in Cincinnati, OH. While talking with an Apple Store employee, he alle...

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Connecticut man consults Apple Genius and gets arrested

Editor's Note: Some comments to this post suggest that TUAW is "giving advice to pedophiles" by reminding readers that sensitive information could be read or copied by service technicians when you bring your Mac in for repair. While one assumes (present example to the contrary) that people who keep ...

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Apple Stores will replace broken iPhone displays

Apple's service options for iPhones have improved since 2007. Back then, long-term repairs meant traveling to an Apple Store and paying the $29US fee for a loaner. Later that month, Apple released the Apple Care Protection Plan for iPhone. Among other things, this plan extends technical support to t...

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Microsoft Gurus are not Apple Geniuses

According to a Friday article on Yahoo! Finance, Microsoft is introducing "Microsoft Gurus" at Best Buy and Circuit City stores nationwide. They plan on having 155 Gurus deployed by year-end, and will expand the program based on its success. While it may seem like this is copying Apple's Genius prog...

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Apple to open first retail store in Australia on Thursday

We're sure that our friends down under have been wondering where is all the Apple love for Australia. Well, they can stop the sorrow and feel the joy as Apple is set to open it's first Australia Apple Store on Thursday, June 19. The store in question will be located in Sydney and will feature the "w...

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The inside story on Apple Genius training

As we all well know, Apple tends to be a rather secretive company and this extends to their retail operation procedures, etc. Nonetheless, many of us have wondered what it takes to become an Apple Genius, those black-shirted folks manning the Apple Store's most distinctive feature. Well, Apple emplo...

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ProCare to be split into two services

For the past several years Apple has offered the ProCare program for $99/year. Basically, there were two classes of service that ProCare subscribers were entitled to: 1) priority service at the Genius Bar, including 14-day advance appointments (versus 2-days for regular folks), and 2) one-to-one per...

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Now make Genius Bar reservations up to 2 days in advance

If you've every tried to get a spot at an Apple Store genius bar during a busy time, you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, you can set up an appointment using Apple's concierge service (either on a Mac at the store or online at home). But until recently, unless you were a ProCare member ...

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