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Official Grepolis client coming soon to iOS

I met with the German company Innogames a few years ago at GDC, where the company told me it was eventually planning to bring out some of its browser-based strategy titles to iOS. I haven't heard much from Innogames since, until today: The company has announced that its next mobile title will be...

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Apple now allowing Paypal payment for Apple Store purchases (in Germany)

German users have noticed one other change from the Apple Store downtime last night, and that is that Apple will now accept Paypal payments through their store. You could previously use Paypal as a payment service on the iTunes and Mac App Stores, but you can't (in most places) on the ...

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Wunderlist 2 goes native, adds many new features to beautiful, free app

6Wunderkinder's Wunderlist 2 is now available on desktops (as a native app and a web app) and iOS devices to make personal productivity more connected, more social and more informative than ever before. To-do lists are probably the most commonly downloaded and then least-used apps across th...

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Mac Game of the Week: Galaxy on Fire 2 HD brings iOS' best space adventure to the Mac

While some developers have recently gone towards a philosophy of making a bunch of smaller releases and dropping them on the App Store quickly, German developer Fishlabs has done the opposite. It's focused on one huge game, Galaxy on Fire 2, and spent the last year expanding and perfecting it. ...

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Samsung sales injunction won't kick in prior to patent validity check

Stick with us here. A German court has ruled that Samsung will be able to fight to protect the sale of its products before an argument over the actual patent involved in those products is resolved in favor of either company. If that sounds confusing, it's because it is. Usually, in Germany, c...

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Apple wins German photo gallery lawsuit against Motorola

Apple won a significant legal victory when a German court ruled that Motorola Mobility violates patent EP2059868, says a report at FOSS Patents. The patent details a "portable electronic device for photo management" and covers the photo gallery implementation used by Motorola on its mobile devices....

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Apple wins temporary ruling on iPad, iPhone sales in Germany

Apple scored a legal victory against Motorola in a case involving a standards essential (FRAND) patent that Motorola must license to other companies on fair terms. The Mannheim court originally ruled in favor of Motorola and Apple was forced to remove select iPads and iPhone models from its German ...

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Some German customers receive iPhone 4S handsets early

At least one iPhone 4S slipped through the hands of Apple and landed in the hands of a German customer a few days before the October 14th date. The lucky user promptly unboxed it and fired up Siri. You can check out the photos at US customers are still sitting on the sidelines w...

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction suspended in EU countries except Germany

The German district court that granted Apple an injunction against Samsung and halted the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the EU has temporarily suspended this ban. This suspension applies to all the countries in the EU except Germany. The court decision comes hot on the heels of a report by ...

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Samsung will formally address Apple-led Galaxy Tab ban on Aug 25

Samsung will have the opportunity to defend itself against Apple in a German court on August 25th. The Korean manufacturer will argue against the recent injunction that halted the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all EU countries except the Netherlands. Until this date, the Apple-requested inj...

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Amazon freezes new Appstore submissions in Germany

Amazon is freezing new Android app submissions to its Appstore that originate from Germany. Amazon said new admissions would be accepted again soon, but did not provide an exact date. Until Amazon re-opens the floodgates, German developers must hold onto their apps or submit them to the Android...

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White iPhone 4 seen in German inventory system

The good folks at Engadget have received pictures of what purports to be the inventory listing for Vodaphone in Germany, and in there you can see an entry for an iPhone 4 "weiß," which you don't have to have taken high school German to realize means white. That's right, the legendary white iP...

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Rumor: iLife '11 to be 64-bit, iOS compatible

iLife, the software suite that is included on every Mac and is made up of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD, hasn't been updated to a new version since January, 2009. That, of course, is making many of us in the Apple world curious about when the next version of the suite will appear on the...

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Official Settlers of Catan out now on App Store

Just in case you missed it, I got my wish from a while back: there is an official version of the classic board game Settlers of Catan, called just Catan, on the App Store right now. I'm still playing Kolonists, the unofficial knockoff that got kicked off of the store for infringement, but if you've ...

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??bersetzen Sie das, bitte (Translate this, please)

For German users and English-speaking users with German-language needs, Philipp Brauner has made available the Dictionary Plugin for Leopard, which adds the vocabulary compilation to the OS X Dictionary. is a community generated and verified English-German dictionary. The lar...

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