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Apple TVs in Germany gain movie and TV subscription service Watchever

German Apple TV users have a new app and service on their devices. Matthew Panzarino at The Next Web reports that German subscription video on demand service Watchever has found a place on the home screen of the diminutive puck. Watchever is similar to Hulu, offering German, European and inte...

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Apple strikes licensing deal with Motorola in Germany

It's a minor thing, perhaps, but Motorola and Apple seem to be coming to a limited set of terms in Germany regarding the ongoing patent battles there. Very few details have emerged, but Engadget says, "The terms seem to include only 'cellular standard-essential' patents, which means the company...

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Apple secures EU ban on Galaxy Tab 7.7

Apple's legal team may be doing a happy dance today, after a German court issued an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet. The injunction will ban sales of the small tablet in the entire European Union; it was already off the shelves in Germany. The court found that the design ...

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German court dismisses Apple design claim against Motorola Xoom

A German court has ruled that Motorola's Xoom tablet does not infringe on Apple's patents, says an Associated Press report. In its case, Apple argued that the design of the Motorola Xoom too closely resembled the Apple iPad. A judge did not agree with Apple and ruled against this claim. It wa...

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Why Apple's many patents in Germany get stayed

Here at TUAW, we've found ourselves covering lawsuits around Apple quite a bit lately, especially in Germany, where Apple is getting sued by lots of companies, and then getting shut down by the courts. Ever wonder why so many companies sue in Germany, or why so many of Apple's arguments are sta...

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Samsung sales injunction won't kick in prior to patent validity check

Stick with us here. A German court has ruled that Samsung will be able to fight to protect the sale of its products before an argument over the actual patent involved in those products is resolved in favor of either company. If that sounds confusing, it's because it is. Usually, in Germany, c...

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Motorola's patent enforcement against Apple could cost German taxpayers dearly

In a recent article, FOSS Patents points out a loophole in German law that forces taxpayers to pay for part of the court proceedings between Motorola and Apple. Motorola is currently enforcing an injunction against Apple and has deposited money for the injunction as required by law. Apple is ...

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iPad online shipping times drop to one week

Apple's inventory of the new iPad is holding up well, especially in the US. Unlike the iPad 2 which faced shortages when it launched, the new iPad is readily available. Most US retail stores have at least one model of the iPad in stock and the online store is steadily improving shipment times. ...

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Apple still blocked from using push email in Germany

German users of iCloud and MobileMe are going to have to wait a bit longer for push email to be reinstated on their favorite Apple devices. A regional court in Mannheim has upheld a ban on the service in Germany based on a patent lawsuit brought by Motorola Mobility against Apple. Motorola wo...

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Ski helmet charges iPods, iPhone and other mobile devices

A team of German researchers is working on technology that could let you ski all day without worrying about your smartphone battery, says a report in GlobalPost. Scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin, TEXSYS and the Technical University in Berlin have created a solar helmet that ch...

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Nielsen: More people use tablets, smartphones while watching TV

A recent report from Nielsen shows that folks in the US and UK enjoy using their mobile devices while watching TV, while those in Germany and Italy prefer to do one thing at a time says a report in CNET. Up to 88 percent of US tablet owners and 86 percent of US smartphone owners use their d...

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Apple, Motorola discuss Xoom in Düsseldorf courtroom

Apple and Motorola finally got to face each other in a German courtroom earlier this week, according to reports from Dow Jones. In this case, they're arguing over Motorola's Xoom tablet, and Apple is saying that it's too similar to the iPad. The judge in the courtroom meeting, however, apparent...

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German appeals court lets Motorola to continue push notification patent against Apple

Germany has been the site of quite a few patent battles between Motorola and Apple in the past, and there's another crater on the landscape over there: One of the High Regional Courts in that country has made a decision on Motorola's ongoing challenge against Apple over push notifications, sayi...

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German court halts Apple's second slide-to-unlock case against Samsung

The Mannheim Court in Germany has delayed Apple's second slide-to-unlock case against Samsung, says FOSS Patents. During this pause in proceedings, the German Patent and Trademark Office is examining the validity of Apple's slide-to-unlock utility model. A utility model is a quickly-approved ...

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German court tosses one Apple suit, one Samsung suit

The Mannheim Regional Court was busy this morning, handing down two rulings that threw out one of Samsung's 3G/UMTS lawsuits against Apple and one of Apple's slide-to-unlock lawsuits against Samsung. This slide-to-unlock case is separate from the one Apple won earlier this week in the Munich I Reg...

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