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New "Get a Mac" web ad

You'd think the "Get a Mac" series of ads would be played out by now. But you'd be wrong. They're still funny, snide and -- if sales figures are any indication -- effective. This week, Apple launched another clever web ad featuring Mac and PC. This time, PC has written an Op-Ed piece describing wh...

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Microsoft: We're not "cool enough" for Mac OS X

If you thought the new Get a Mac ads were spot-on or funny, then you will definitely get a kick out of this. On Microsoft's Photosynth website, they admit something that we've known for years: They're not cool enough to run on Macs. "Unfortunately, we're not cool enough to run on your OS yet. We...

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New get a Mac ad: Off the Air

Tonight, Apple released a new "Get a Mac" ad. "Off the Air" shows PC, Mac, and a Mac Genius. Mac tries to win people over on the fact that the Geniuses will transfer your files from your old PC to your new Mac. A mad PC then announces that his "frustrated" customers don't need to hear about that an...

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New Get a Mac ads: Pizza Box, Throne, Calming Teas

Tonight, Apple posted three new "Get a Mac" ads: Pizza Box, Throne and Calming Teas. In the Pizza Box ad, PC tries to lure college students into buying a PC by advertising as free pizza. PC notes that Mac is the number one selling computer on college campuses. In Throne, PC notes that he is "stil...

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Apple posts long version of "Sad Song" ad

Because Apple thought that you just couldn't get enough of that "Vista blues" song that was in the latest Get a Mac ad, they posted an extended version of it that runs 1 minute, 34 seconds. PC just keeps singing, despite Mac's look of amazement that PC could sing that long. At the end, PC finishes...

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New Get a Mac ad: Sad Song

Apple just released a new "Get a Mac" ad entitled "Sad Song." In this commercial, PC is singing a country inspired song about how Vista saddens him. This commercial was released and played during the American Idol show tonight on the FOX network. You may remember that Apple also released 2 new Get...

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New Get a Mac ads: Pep Rally / Group

Apple just released two new "Get a Mac" ads -- Pep Rally and Group. In Pep Rally, PC tries to pep himself up despite the fact that the Mac is the "number one notebook on college campuses." Just when PC finishes his rant, the cheerleader squad starts cheering for Mac. In Group, PC is in a support...

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New "Get a Mac" ad: Office Stress

Last night Apple released a new Get a Mac ad showcasing Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. Apple seems to keep releasing new ads during the American Idol shows on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can watch this new ad by going to the Get a Mac page on Apple's website and clicking "Office Stress." Thanks ...

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New "Get a Mac" ads: Yoga and Breakthrough

Tonight, Apple premiered two new "Get a Mac" ads: Yoga and Breakthrough. These ads where shown during tonights episode of American Idol. You can look at these and other "Get a Mac" ads on Apple's website. These weren't the only new Apple ads to appear lately, Apple also released some new iPhone ads....

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Clever Get a Mac sidebar ads

Apple has some clever new Get a Mac sidebar ads running on various sites around the net, including ZDNet. In them, PC repeatedly hits an emergency reset lever (attempting to clear negative banners about Vista) to less than good effect. The humorless sort are quick to point out that the quotes PC ...

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Why the Mac is better than the PC: Crapware

InsanelyGreatMac has an excellent article outlining another point in the ongoing battle of which is better: PC or Mac? The article gives the examples of computer companies such as Sony, which install "crapware" (or demo versions of software that you have to manual uninstall) on new machines. At the ...

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NYT: Obama is Mac, Clinton is PC

It's no doubt that most people vote on style rather than experience. Today the New York Times technology blog compared the two Democratic front-runners in the 2008 election to the "Get a Mac" ads. In the post, they said that Barack Obama was similar to the Mac (when they compared his website to Ap...

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Dude, where's my UK 'Get a Mac' ads?

Have you seen this commercial? If you are in the US, probably not as it's a "Get a Mac" commercial from the UK. Chances are, you probably won't be seeing any more of them, either. On the UK Apple website, the Get a Mac ads have been taken down to reveal just a web page displaying reasons to switch....

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New Apple ad "Misprint" cites PC World on fastest Vista laptop

Back in early November, PC World magazine gave a wet, sloppy kiss to the MacBook Pro, noting that "[t]he fastest Windows Vista notebook we've tested this year--or for that matter, ever--is a Mac." Apparently this rousing endorsement of a laptop so freakishly powerful, so undeniably force-of-nature ...

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Apple posts 3 new Get a Mac ads

Ever since the iPhone was released it seemed that Apple was funneling all of its advertising budget into iPhone advertising. This meant a lack of those fun Mac vs. PC commercials that we have all grown to love. Luckily for us, Apple has just started airing three new entries into their 'Get a Mac' ad...

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